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For the NPC of the same name, see Berthe
For one of the Mount of the same name, see Berthe (Mount).
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The altar located at the central portal... Once a place awaiting the safe arrival of those who left, is now in ruins.

The El Search Party passes the White-Ghost Castle to arrive at the central portal. There, the final battle with Berthe awaits.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
  • 4~8 players.
  • Only one Resurrection Stones can be used to revive.
  • Players are given a 15 second penalty before they can resurrect themselves.
  • Bosses can only be frozen or petrified 3 times each (every hit is 1 count) at a time. When this limit is exceeded, they become invulnerable to that debuff for 60 seconds.
    • Freezing or petrifying can be attempted again after 30 seconds, but you will not be able to chain it further. This also resets the 3-step chain's cooldown to 60 seconds.

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 90%.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Berthe - The traitorous leader of the White-Ghost Army, empowered by Aegirp's soul, he is much more powerful than he was in the past.
  • Prohibiting Howl: Berthe stands upright and sends out a blue, purple or red howl. This does not deal damage, but for 30 seconds after, the skill tier that matches the color of the howl will cause Berthe to counter with his signature Howl attack.
  • Howl: If the currently designated skill tier(s) are used by any player, Berthe will become immune and send out a howl across the battlefield, instantly killing everyone. Anyone that survives the howl through revival effects will be inflicted with Silence.
  • Claw Strikes: Berthe slashes at a player up to two times with his claws.
  • Ice Carve: After performing Claw Strikes, Berthe will sometimes smash the ground to send out a wave of ice in front, launching players away.
  • Breath: Berthe charges up an icy breath, before firing it at players ahead while slowly arcing the beam upward. Players hit by the beam will be frozen in place, but can rapidly tap left and right to break free. Berthe will take reduced damage during this attack.
  • Ground Slam: Slam the ground a few times before perform a big slam which covers the entire ground.
  • Ice Pillars: Berthe smashes the ground and makes several ice pillars appears from the ground, inflicting Frostbite on hit. The area an ice pillar will spawn is telegraphed by a dark blue magic circle, and it does not remain on the field afterward.
  • Big Ice Pillars: A more powerful version of the Ice Pillars attack, create much large ice pillars, inflicting Frostbite on hit. Will sometimes perform this after normal Ice Pillar.
  • Chained Beam: Berthe will jump into the background and charge a powerful beam which covers the whole map. Several players will begin to glow then momentarily be chained up with a barrier aura around them, rendering them inactive and the chains must be destroyed to free the player. However, the remaining players must stand in the barriers of the chained players in order avoid taking damage. The barriers will not disappear after the attack is over. Berthe will return to the stage with a ground wide slam.
    • Players must keep at least one player chained before the Berthe's attacks, but optimally with minimum HP left in the chain to free them soon after the attack in complete.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.


  • Flexibility, Hyper Active and Master skills are never targeted and can freely be used throughout the fight.
  • Upon reaching 200x HP and any time afterwards, Berthe will perform the Prohibiting Howl, targeting two skill tiers at once. The previous howl's effect will be cleared.


Date Changes
03/16/2023 -
  • Berthe added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 베르드 Berthe

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