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The altar located at the central portal... Once a place awaiting the safe arrival of those who left, is now in ruins.

The El Search Party passes the White-Ghost Castle to arrive at the central portal. There, the final battle with Berthe awaits.
Recommended Level
Required Combat Power
  • 4~8 players.
  • Only one Resurrection Stones can be used to revive.
  • Players are given a 15 second penalty before they can resurrect themselves.
  • Bosses can only be frozen or petrified 3 times each (every hit is 1 count) at a time. When this limit is exceeded, they become invulnerable to that debuff for 60 seconds.
    • Freezing or petrifying can be attempted again after 30 seconds, but you will not be able to chain it further. This also resets the 3-step chain's cooldown to 60 seconds.

Demon Realm

  • The El's power does not reach into this realm, Attack and HP will be reduced by 90%.
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Monster Image Boss Description Boss Moves
Annihilator - The power of Aegirp's soul conflicting within Berthe goes out of control, creating a being that is neither truly Berthe nor the White-Ghost King.
  • Ice Pillars: The boss raises its arm to summon an ice pillar from the ground. The area an ice pillar will spawn is telegraphed by a dark gray magic circle, and it remains on the field afterward. They can only be hit by command and active attacks.
  • Aiming Shot: The boss aims at a party member and shoots 3 light orbs that will track them until they get hit, inflicting a stack of the "light" debuff on them per hit.
  • Soul Orb Release: The boss releases 9 light orbs and then 9 dark orbs in a circle around itself. After being released, the orbs will initially slow down slightly before accelerating again. Players hit by the light orbs will receive a stack of the "light" debuff per hit. Players hit by the dark orbs will receive a stack of the "dark" debuff per hit.
  • Mass Soul Orb Release: The boss teleports to the top-left platform and immediately performs an enhanced version of Orb Release, sending out two sets of each orb. It will then repeat the attack after teleporting to the center platform and the top-right platform respectively.
  • Clone: Create a clone somewhere on the map capable to performing varying attack independently from Annihilator.
  • Lasers: The boss raises its hands and marks the map with lines, both horizontally, vertically, or both at the same time. After a small pause, light and dark rays will spawn there, dealing huge damage on contact. This move is always used twice in a row above 150x HP, and 4 times in a row below 150x HP, interchangeably with the delayed variant below. The rays can either spawn in a grid or horizontally and vertically separately.
  • Orb Call: Two orbs will fall from the sky in two separate locations. Players can absorb the effects of these orbs by standing on the location where they hit the ground. They will not be absorbed while they are travelling through the air.
    • Light Orb: Removes both the "light" and "dark" debuffs from the player and grants the player a Light Aura buff. The light aura buff grants immunity to the two debuffs for 20 seconds, and allows the player to deal damage to the Dark Cage.
    • Dark Orb: Traps players in a Dark Cage 3 seconds after absorbing the orb's effects, inflicting 15 seconds of Potion Sickness and constantly draining their HP by 10% per second, rendering them unable to act. The cage can be broken by commands and active skills by players with the Light Aura buff.
  • Soul of Vengeance: The boss raises its hands and uses Orb Call while a yellow aura appears below them. It will heal itself by 15x HP if no one absorbs the Dark Orb.
  • Spark of Inhibition: The boss will go into the background and use Orb Call, while charging up a flame attack that will kill anyone who makes contact with it. Players who are trapped inside the Dark Cage will create a barrier which prevents people inside it from dying. Players with the Light Aura buff will not receive protection from the flame attack. Players will be freed from the Dark Cage automatically after this attack and Annihilator will enter fatigue for a brief duration.
  • Clone Mass: Summon many clones which will all perform Soul Orb Release at set intervals.
  • Special Active Block Orb: Blue, Purple, or Red Soul Orbs which will descend from the sky, being hit by them will ban the use of the corresponding skill type.
  • Dance of Light and Darkness: An enhanced version of Mass Soul Orb Release. The light orbs from both sets will start to spiral clockwise, while the dark orbs from both sets will start to spiral counter-clockwise. Immediately after releasing the second set of orbs, the boss will then send out an additional 2 rings of bright light spheres that move outwards past the light and dark orbs rapidly, after which they slowly return towards to the boss to form 2 rings around it. The rings then move outwards again after some time. At the same time as the bright light spheres, smaller light particles will flow out of the boss in a spiral like pattern until the bright light spheres have formed a ring around the boss. A visual representation of the entire attack can be found here. As before, the boss performs this 3 times, on the top-left, center and top-right platforms.
  • Curse of Light and Darkness: Inflict each player with a barrier of either light or dark, players must navigate the map and reach banners scattered throughout the map. Players of opposing barriers cannot come in contact with each other of their barriers will cancel out. Annihilator breathes fire across the map killing anybody not still protected by their barrier in the right place.

Attacks highlighted in red bypass Invincibility frames.


  • "Light" debuff reduces attack power by 2% per stack, unlimited duration. (Up to 30 stacks)
  • "Dark" debuff reduces movement speed by 2% per stack, unlimited duration. (Up to 30 stacks)
Annihilator Clone - A clone created by Annihilator.
  • Aiming Shot: Identical to the boss's attack. If the clone performs this attack, it will disappear immediately after.
  • Soul Orb Release: Identical to the boss's attack. The clone will perform the attack over and over again until defeated, or certain scripted moves cause it to disappear.
  • Mass Soul Orb Release: Identical to the boss's attack. The clone will perform the attack over and over again until defeated, or certain scripted moves cause it to disappear.


Date Changes
03/16/2023 -
  • Annihilator added.
Alternative Names
Server Name Translation
South Korea 멸렬하는 자 Annihilator

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