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Flare Kyn
Name Flare Kyn

Why are people called Autistic when they do something dumb? Autism doesn't cause stupidity: ignorance does!

~ Me in real life

My flames will create a better tomorrow! Just you wait!

~ Flare Kyn

I don't dislike the new layout, but I still prefer the old one.

~ My reaction to Elwiki's new appearance

About Myself

  • I am able to catch inconsistencies between the info on Elwiki and what's currently in the NA server. Occasionally, I'll even catch some tidbits that aren't even on Elwiki that I think are worth mentioning.
    • I currently have access to every Command and Skill up to Trans 2nd Jobs in NA (excluding Hyper Actives). I also have access to a number of 3rd Jobs, but not all of them.
      • I am attempting to get my characters to Third Job. However, I will not be able to work on characters that lack Fetch Aura, as I try to not waste items whenever possible.
    • Thanks to a friend of mine, I now have a KR account. While I can't read Korean, I can use it to do more fact checking.
      • However, during big NA events, I will most likely not be on my KR account.

I'll try to get a proper image of my main char on here eventually

Wanted Elsword Additions And Changes


  • 4th Paths for all characters
    • Along with this, please equalize the number of physical and magical classes each character has.
  • More characters in general
    • Yes, even after Noah.
    • Please equalize the number of male and female characters.
    • I honestly kinda wanna see Yuria become a playable character, partially 'cause she's a "genius magician" like Aisha.
  • The ability to sort the character select screen by various factors, such as character, class, creation date, last played, etc.
  • Like how Laby can enter the story dungeons and towns before Elrianode of the other characters after reaching level 70, please allow the other characters to enter Laby's dungeons and Laby's Imaginary World once they reach a certain level as well.
  • Allow us to upgrade Apocalypse Type-Void into a level 99 version that is equal to, if not stronger than, Flames of Judgement. Perhaps along with this ability, a new mode of Add's Energy Fusion Theory could be added as well, which would give the materials to upgrade the weapon, but with a higher CP Requirement.
  • Add more normal skills (Active, Tenacity, Strength, and Bravery) to each class for more variety. Maybe even return some old skills that were removed in the past (for example, Elly's Mega Slash).
    • Along with this, I would also like to increase the amount of skill slots that 3rd Jobs gives to 10, increase the normal skill limit to 15, and have the far right 3rd Job skill slots be able to receive the Transcendence Buff. Or perhaps make the extra 5 slots a part of Master Class.
  • Mod skills for base class skills. Preferably unique ones for each path, but general ones for all paths would be good as well.
  • Allow us to see our exact HP values (numbers) on our HP bar. You have no idea how many times I thought I had died and waited for the respawn thing only to find out I was alive and get killed as a result. And I know I'm not the only one with this problem.
  • Flip the Gale and Annihilation effects of Dark Force. It was fine in the past, but with the revamp to Elly's Chivalry System making the effects semi-permanent, I think the HP regain should be made more limited than it currently is.
  • Add variations of the Master Skill Cut-Ins for transformations that don't override the skill slots, like Celestial Fox Mode, Mad Paradox's true form, Magical Makeup, etc.
  • Change Magic Knight's Flame Blade combo from DRU.pngViZ.pngViDeX.pngViDeX.png to DRU.pngViZ.pngViDeZ.pngViDeZ.png. Aside from the flames, the animation is exactly the same, and now that Way of the Sword is semi-permanent, I see no reason to use Knight's DRU.pngViZ.pngViZ.pngViZ.png over it, especially since the latter is harder to continue a combo off of.
  • Make the "Clear Add's Energy Dungeon X times without obtaining the weapon cube" achievements not reset when you get the weapon cube. Having to purposely not pick up the weapon cube just for the achievement is just dumb and shouldn't even be a thing.

For Myself

  • The ability to customize the appearance of transformations, like Chung's Berserk Mode or Aisha's Magical Makeup.
    • Allowing us to disable Awakening transformations was a good start, but I still want transformation customization.
  • Skill visual customization. Ex: Black Phantom Sword.
  • A new duo character, but put a twist to it.
  • STOP RESETTING THE CUSTOM KEYBOARD SETTINGS WHEN SOMETHING IS ADDED! Literally every time it happens, I have to set it back to how I had it before because that's what I'm most comfortable with! Seriously, I get that customs can sometimes be placed where newly added ones would have been, but here's a solution: if someone's using a custom, just put the new ones in the "unused" section and put a pop-up saying that a new thing is available when they log in for the first time after it's added!
  • Have Body of Fire give resistance to the other elements equal to half that of its fire resistance. I mean, I understand it's a passive for a fire-based class, but Chung's Guardian Stone is made from water El and his weapons and armor use its energy, but Elemental Training gives resistance to all elements equally, not just water, so I don't think it's a stretch to say that Elesis also gains resistance to other elements.
  • Please allow the Awakening Duration stat to affect Laby's maximum Awakening time. The fact that she's hard capped at 90 seconds (120 seconds for Radiant Soul and 150 seconds for Eternity Winner and Nisha Labyrinth) just doesn't sit well with me.
  • Change Dream Star back to how it was, or at least nerf it so that she doesn't recover SP as fast. I mean, seriously, Nisha? I get you're strong enough to be a Third Job on your own, but don't you think that's a little too much power? Especially for a 1st Job passive?
  • Change Tribute's element resistance to be an even multiple of 5, 'cause it's kinda awkward that it's not. Like, just reduce it by 2 points, that's all you'd need to do.
  • Mod skills or something similar that act like the old Awakened Skill Trait (meaning not just the function, but the name itself is changed as well).

For Other Players

  • Permanent Promo Costumes w/o stats that can be registered in Magic Wardrobe (I don't care how they're obtained, as long as it's not event-only)

User Page To-Dos

  • Name the rest of my characters
    • Remaining: Two Oz Sorcerers, a Daybreaker, two Twilights, a Furious Blade, two Rage Hearts, a Fatal Phantom, two Centurions, two Devis, a Shakti, a Bloody Queen, a Dominator, a Mad Paradox, a Catastrophe, two Diangelions, a Tempest Burster, a Black Massacre, a Prime Operator, and a Herrscher
  • Finalize skills
    • Remaining: Everyone except FlareKyn, YuleJyrose, and HoraceJyrose

Other Pages I Made

These are the other pages I made, not including main, file, or user pages. This is just here so I can access them more easily, should I need to.

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