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Pilot Name Yulises Adonais Pulan
Codename Jhxe
Join Date 11/12/2013
Gender Male
Guild(s) Crimson Chronicle
Crimson Judgement
Snow Serenity
Code(s) Code: Screen Slasher
Code: Queenic Empress
Code: Cannonpath
Code: Pantsu Shots
Code: Judgement Caller
Code: DarkTsundere
Code: ElfenBlade

Is a player from the Elsword PH server. Goes by the codename Jhxe where if he adds more characters, he adds Japanese honorifics such as -San, -Kun, -Chan, etc... to his base codename. The term: Jhxe, came from the base term JirachiX then revised to JehX. But as the pilot can't change his facebook name to JehX because you can't use a capital letter as a final character in the facebook naming system. There, he revised it again to JhXe and eventually, grew tired of the Capitalizing of letters, revised to Jhxe. Jhxe's pilot is named Yulises Adonais Pulan and is male. Likes reading manga, watching anime and playing games. Started playing Elsword on 11/12/2013 where he made a guild just after a week of playing Elsword. Elsword was referred to him by a fellow-Elsword player (which is inactive now and chosen not to mention name). Pilot originally plays Dota 2 and League of Legends where, Elsword do not fit the genre table.

Jhxe is also the Maoh or (DemonLord) of a little group named FountainPeeps in which the Overlord is higher than him. FountainPeeps by the way, is a group made by few the CrimsonChronicle high-offs and a tad many important members of SnowSerenity.

Jhxe's Lord Knight
Jhxe's Code Empress


El Reso Level: 127
Class IGN Level Guild
LKTransNEW.png Jhxe 99 CrimsonChronicle
EMNEW.png JhxeTsun 99 CrimsonChronicle
NWNEW.png JhxePai 80 CrimsonChronicle
BMNEW.png JhxeSan 80 CrimsonJudgement
CEmTransNEW.png JhxeChan 99 Ascendancy
CNTransNEW.png JhxeKai 99 CrimsonChronicle
CBSTransNEW.png JhxeK2 99 CrimsonChronicle
CBSTransNEW.png DeIthea 99 CrimsonChronicle
CBSTransNEW.png JhxeChwan 99 CrimsonChronicle
DCTransNEW.png JhxeSempai 99 DeathDealers
SDNEW.png JhxeNyan 80 ~
GrMTransNEW.png JhxeNeeSama 99 Ascendancy
NBTransNEW.png JhxeSama 99 CrimsonChronicle
FYTransNEW.png JhxeHeika 99 CrimsonChronicle
Icon - Erbluhen Emotion (Trans).png JhxeDono 99 CrimsonChronicle

Gaming History

The first game Jhxe (or Yulises Adonais Pulan) played was Starcraft. That was when he was 4 or 5 and was constantly taught of how to play by his late father, Cecil Pulan. He was already fond of computers at the age of 3. There was one time he slept in the computer table while waiting for the computer to boot up. Around 5-7 he played tons of GBC games (Though in PC) and GBA games (in PC too). After his father left the world he was living in, he became more engrossed of the games that his father had left for them. He was introduced to the internet when his Aunt went to live in with them for a few years. After being familiarized with the internet he downloaded more GBA games and joined a forum named Pokecommunity. Few years passes he played Fallensword, a hit browser game back then, followed by TribalWars, another browser game, because he could not download MMORPGs that cost too much drive space. A little while more, the main PC broke and left our pilot PC-less for a full year, until they we're bought a new PC but this time, included a huge amount of drive space. He downloaded the hit MMO of that time which is RAN Online, a korean MMORPG, and stayed there for a month or two. Around 2010, he started learning how to play DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and became refined around 2011. With continuous play of Dota he also came to like the game DDTank which is around 2011 too, he lasted playing DDTank for a few while. Around 2012, Jhxe had to leave his 2nd hometown (First was Rizal, Second is Laguna) and move forth to Benguet. Reason shall be hidden. There, he played more Dota with his friends, saying, "Distance isn't enough to stop us from playing together" something like that. At mid 2012 he started playing Dota 2. He played Dota 2 around nights, every night. Around mid-2013's his friend started playing LoL or League of Legends. He was persuaded to play it and came to liked it only because his friend plays it. Around that time, he'd schedule his play of Dota 2 and LoL. At mid the end 2013 he started playing Elsword. Around that time, he schedules his playing of Elsword and Dota 2 (maybe sometimes LoL) and going like: 8-10pm Elsword then 10-12am Dota 2. In the past, he plays Elsword during Mid-days and nights for he has school around 3pm - 7pm.

Jhxe got an internet-disconnection lasting a month and so. He had to play at the local internet cafes, which are a huge hit in the Philippines, to stay updated. As the habitual activity goes on, he started to became conscious of the cost of playing at cafes, but that did not mind him. After learning that the net will come back in some week or so. He had immediately informed that he will be gone until that day.

Jhxe, currently active, is always looking for things to do inside Elsword. (one of them is looking for amulets)


Jhxe's Magic Wardrobe !


  • Elsword is the first MMORPG the pilot played where he lasted more than half a year.
  • He likes to collect swords be it a costume or a weapon itself.
  • Has lolita complex.
  • The pilot of Jhxe has actually made a character with a name of iwanib where he did not use his signature name.
    • This char has been deleted and was never heard of ever again.
    • Contrary to this, Jhxe has also made another char that doesn't uses Jhxe, as he made another CBS named "DeIthea" (Yep, that's a capital I than a lowercase L). This is due to him making this CBS an EXP mule, (ERP 100/100 EXP)
  • The pages weren't made to have a ton of pizzazz for the page maker believed that Simplicity is bliss. (Actually is just being the laze dote he is.)
  • JhxeNyan may be a possible reference to Azusa from K-ON! whom Yui always calls her Azu-Nyan
  • Loves coffee.
  • All of his chars uses the item Spider Skull. Jhxe refers to this as his soul.
    • As of 11/18/2016, Jhxe has removed this item from his Eve to enable the 10% Add Damage of the Scar 3/3 Accessory set.
      • Today marks the end of my spider skull days. -Chat from Jhxe in a certain chatbox.
      • As of 12/23/2016, Jhxe has also revoked usage of the Scar 3/3 Accessory set for he has obtained the EO cape he had yearned for and replaced it with the Ignita 3/3 set.
        • Hamel1boss.png RIP 11/18/2016
  • Although Jhxe adds japanese honorifics to his characters. His Rune Slayer (former Lord Knight) does not use one. This may be because it is the first character that he made.
    • Exception of JhxeTsun and JhxePai where they were named after their highly noticeable feats.
    • Exception of JhxeKai as well for he is the remodeled version of Jhxe.
      • This was originally an RS and was deleted due to Jhxe's intention of making a full Eve characters.
    • JhxeKai and JhxeK2 are probably a reference to Kantai Collection progressive system. Where if the ships(playable characters) reaches a certain level, can upgrade(remodel) to a stronger version of the same character. However in this case, this is not necessarily true, for CEm will always be the one for Jhxe.
  • JhxeSan's original name was xKurogane which is a reference to Kurogane of Tsubasa Chronicles
  • During the early times, Jhxe initially had an Elemental Master friend who did PvPs with him a lot. Secondly, a Reckless Fist named Nyanmarou(which now, is inactive) then came Cheese and Fudz and so forth and so forth.
  • Has every character except for Add.
    • Frankly says he hates Add, but he just don't like the fact that KoG confirmed him as Eve's partner.
    • Due to the pilot's love for Eve, he had created two more Eves which differentiate each other by their chosen jobs. This gives Jhxe a more broader view over Eve on a whole level.
  • Likes to collect Eve costumes, either IM, Event or IB.