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== Asses ==
== Asses ==
Donto is gae
== Ass'es ==

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Field members are gae

Our lord and god

A man amongst Men

Gae Members of Field

Rank Class IGN Role Description
Mad Paradox.png Speys Guild Master A lazy GM who only farm when hes "feeling" it .
Rank Class IGN Role Description
xxxxIcon - Flame Lord.png Lignera Void Claims to be the cutest in the world,but is a boi
xxxxIcon - Doom Bringer.png Sheyta Void Trap who change main to get married but still dont have couple, BERRYWHEN
xxxxIcon - Rune Master.png AwesomeMcGee Void One introvert son of a bish and wants to punch his old self in the dik
xxxxIcon - Code Ultimate.png xVKonVx Void Innocent and precious lil girl who had a clingy ex
xxxxIcon - Doom Bringer.png Scheiz Void Gay mofo whose lookin for a mate while alredy having one
xxxxIcon - Apsara.png Schaetzel Void NotSoInnocent and easily gets chased in everygame,*Cough*
xxxxIcon - Code Esencia.png Yodela Void Sad and horny at night, with delicious lookin thighs
xxxxIcon - Shakti.png Serako Void Innocent and quiet girl with a shittons of whiteknights ready for war
xxxxIcon - Fatal Phantom.png NickHarper Void Lazy like a sloth who doesn't pay attention to his surroundings,i swear at his wedding he'll go into with no one invited
xxxxIcon - Nova Imperator.png Keruo Void A chicken who profit from bad luck and is becomming a powerful cock
xxxxIcon - Empire Sword.png YinnyChan Void A tall standby tree who has a surprizingly deep voice that can scare off "Predators"
xxxxIcon - Bloody Queen.png CrimsonStyx Void Lad with the darkest humor but he also has alot of sad backstories, closest to an anime protagonist as you can get lads
xxxxIcon - Code Ultimate.png XueYui Void A gay deserter who would flirt with anyone, hes also very manipulative so be careful. Scariest Trap


Donto is gae