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Can someone tell what's the use of the keys pieces now? Even the quests are still there. Or did KoB just forget to remove them?

  • Go to Luto and exchange them for secret dungeon keys, that is the only use for them~

LOL ok

Is anyone going to update on the new KR only Henir time and space, how the system works, those 4 weapons, and the new gems?

New Gear

Glave now has Henir's Time and Space Dimension sets. The 1st Dimension set is level 80, 2nd Dimention is 85, and 3rd and 4th are level 90. In addition, they always have a 100% Upgrade Rate, meaning no need for Dimension Power Stones. Also, the older 4th Dimension Gear can be upgraded into Henir's Time and Space 1st Dimension, though I think that's going to be removed eventually.