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Korean Flag.png Korean Server Flag-us.png North American Server
  • 07/16/2020 - 10/08/2020
  • 08/12/2020 - 11/03/2020

Furniture List

Image Name Furniture Effect
Furniture - Starlight Bed.png
[Special] Starlight Bed Stamina Recovery +10%
Furniture - Starlight Sofa.png
[Special] Starlight Sofa
Furniture - Starlight Single Magical Chair.png
[Special] Starlight Single Magical Chair Obtain Furniture Blessing Buff
Furniture - Starlight Chubby Cat.png
[Special] Starlight Chubby Cat Pet Affinity Increase +1%
Furniture - Starlight Armchair.png
[Special] Starlight Armchair N/A
Furniture - Large Starlight Clock.png
Large Starlight Clock
Furniture - Starlight Stand.png
Starlight Stand
Furniture - Starlight Rectangular Carpet.png
Starlight Rectangular Carpet
Furniture - Starlight Fireplace.png
Starlight Fireplace
Furniture - Starlight Telescope.png
Starlight Telescope
Furniture - Starlight Round Carpet.png
Starlight Round Carpet
Furniture - Starlight Flooring.png
Starlight Flooring
Furniture - Starlight Book Stack.png
Starlight Book Stack
Furniture - Large Starlight Shelf.png
Large Starlight Shelf
Furniture - Wide Starlight Window.png
[Special] Starlight Window Stamina Recovery +10%
Furniture - Starlight Wallpaper.png
Starlight Wallpaper N/A
Furniture - Starlight Chandelier.png
Starlight Chandelier N/A

Related Items

Image Item Name Description
DIY - Starlight.png DIY El House (Starlight) An El House DIY that contains furniture from the Starlight set.
Item - Star Carpet Piece.png Star Carpet Piece A material item obtained by dismantling Starlight furniture items. 10 of these can be used to craft any furniture piece from Ariel.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 스타라이트 Starlight

El House Furniture

NOIMAGE.png Cardboard

NOIMAGE.png Wooden

DIY El House.png Nobility

DIY - Starlight.png Starlight

NOIMAGE.png El Search Party Portraits