Tajemnicza Technika "Rozwścieczony Tygrys"

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FT.png [Secret Art] Turbulent Wave has a secret extra move which can be used after using a series of skills/moves beforehand. Upon successful activation, after Turbulent Wave, Ara will charge her power and unleash a powerful swing of her spear.


Class Skills Requirement
Sakra Devanam Tiger Stance 1: Rock Smash
Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw
Tiger Stance 3: Earth Axis
Tiger Stance 4: Raging Wave

There are 2 methods to use this move:

The 1st method is to:

  1. Begin with Rock Smash
  2. Cancel with Tiger Claw
  3. Cancel with Earth Axis
  4. Cancel with Raging Wave

The 2nd method is to:

  1. Assign Rock Smash to a empty skill slot.(You do not need to equip the other skills.)
  2. Begin the Link with Rock Smash.
  3. Press the skill button again before Ara rams the final time to activate Tiger Claw automatically.
  4. Press the skill button again before Ara spins the 2nd time to activate Earth Axis automatically.
  5. Press the skill button again before Ara does the 2nd kick to activate Raging Wave automatically.
  6. After the Raging Wave skill, Ara will activate Fierce Tiger automatically.(This will apply Critical Hit Rate buff if you learned Tiger Power)

Art Information

Raging Wave
Skill Level
Damage (Physical) Total
MP Usage
Spirit Energy
Sub Main Require/Used Gained
(With Tiger Claw Skill Note)
1 45 ??% 1154% 195 MP 0 +4(+5)
2 ??% 1206%
3 48 ??% 1258%
4 52 ??% 1310%
5 56 ??% 1362%
6 60 ??% 1414%
7 64 ??% 1466%
8 68 ??% 1518%
9 72* ??% 1569%

*Please note that you can only achieve these levels through equipments, accessories, and titles.

Tips and Details


  • 07/10/2014 KR
    • Damage Increased, damage modifier adjusted in PvP.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
French Flag.png France Technique secrète du tigre : tigre furieux Tiger's secret technique : furious tiger

Umiejętności Sakra Devanam
SD.png Tysiąc Kwitnących Wiśni
Tajemnicza Technika
FT.png Tajemnicza Technika: Rozwścieczony Tygrys
Umiejętności Specjalne
TurbulentWave.png Tygrys Krok 4: Burzliwa Fala PeerlessnessSlash.png Nieporównywalna Prawda Supression.png Stłumienie ShallowAssault.png Jaskółczy Lot
Umiejętności Aktywne
Lowbrandish.png Tygrys Krok 3: Oś Ziemska
Umiejętności Pasywne
STPassive2.png Zaawansowany Trening Siły BrutalPiercing.png Ulepszona Technika Walki QuickenGuard.png Błyskotliwy Umysł YRPassive1.png Wewnętrzna Moc PowerofTiger.png Siła Tygrysa Fullmoon Slash.png Księżycowe Dziecko