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(colors accept any CSS3 colors)

  • {{color|textcolor|bgcolor|text}} - color of the text (first parameter)
  • {{color|textcolor|bgcolor|text}} - color of the background (second parameter)
  • {{color|textcolor|bgcolor|text}} - content (second or third parameter, depending on whether bgcolor was provided)
  • size - size of the font in pixels
  • link - if 1 provided, creates a local link from the content provided. Any other parameter creates a local link from the link parameter itself (using normal markup still works)
  • b - if 1, apply bold style (using normal markup still works)
  • i - if 1, apply italic style (using normal markup still works)
  • class - extra class name for the <span> element


{{color|teal|Lorem ipsum}}

result: Lorem ipsum

{{color|white|teal|Lorem ipsum}}

result: Lorem ipsum

{{color|teal|Lorem ipsum|b=1|i=1}}

result: Lorem ipsum

{{color|teal|Lorem ipsum|size=25}}

result: Lorem ipsum


result: Aisha

{{color|purple|Genius Magician|link=Aisha}}

result: Genius Magician