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Name Wallace
El Resonance Level (187) - 0.0%
Age 22
Server INT
Combat Power 1.400.000~
Pepsiman Runs 1200/777 (14.4144%)
Facebook [[1]]
Whatsapp for Games and contat +55 93 991030093
Time Playing Elsword 5 years

About the Translation Collab

Hello there, I'm from Brazil, and I'm working on the elwiki translation for some time (Brazilian Portuguese only), it take some time, but I hope being helpful for Elsword Brazilian Comunnity. Don't worry and come to talk with me if there's any problem or suggestion about my translation and template.

Templates created (model)

  • Skills Templates

Sheath Knight/Skills/pt-br
Infinity Sword/Skills/pt-br
Infinity Sword/Transcendent/Skills/pt-br
Immortal/Skills/pt-br Knight Emperor/Master Skills/pt-br

  • Random Templates