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Originally moegirl wiki editor.A player just for fun.


Server Class ID Level PvP Rank Guild
Chinese Flag.png East China 1 NBNEW.png 流星与新星 60 NO GUILD
YRNEW.png 黑子krk0215 67 RankA.png (S2)
GANEW.png 青子ak1205 51
CBSNEW.png 白子srk0215 47
EMNEW.png 尘受欧派丶赞 43
PKNEW.png 赤子akk1205 21

Team ElWikiChS (Elwiki Chinese-Simplified)
SpeckaIcon.png CHN Iroha ISM Avatar.png IceSoulMOG Npc echo.jpg 白告姬 VPmini.png Aosasure VCbest.png Skyling
Sg12041 Avatar.png Sg12041 Boxsnake Avatar.png Boxsnake HQ Shop COMMON Cash AC FACE1 212070.png BAOOO YR SD.png Hamon002 DENEW.png BloodySoul
NAGI-CHAN.jpg 叶孤城 4YXD.jpg GintsugiYahane