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Tactical Trapper
Name Kajin
Class Tactical Trapper
Weapon IQ, Trappiness
Age 18

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Kajin is known as Vicky to mortal beings who are allowed to bask in its glory. Within Elsword, it takes on many forms and transforms between infinite classes, not being restricted to one state of existence. Holding mysterious omnipotence, it is able to use an endless array of skills.
Kajin wields powerful omniscience as well as an infinite memory storage capacity. This power allows it to use legendary skills such as "Edit", "Explain" and "Predict" that put normal mortals in utter awe.
Yclept in everchanging yet always the most magnificent attire, Kajin remains in mesmerizing fashion and is always looking fit for transcending fathomability.
Some legendary figures address this being as "Pao", due to one of its unending nicknames.
It also has an unexplainable interest in the heavenly creation known as "yaoi."


Kajin abuses its sharp intellect and swiftly accessible memory banks to definitively defeat anything that dare oppose its infallibility.
Because of its infinite forms and powers, Kajin is able to manifest itself as a human and abuse a large arsenal of skills with the intent of manipulation, much of which would be described as "selfish" by human standards, although Kajin transcends emotional definition. Kajin's human form takes on an androgynous and egotistical persona, maintaining an eccentric and varied human existence. It is also able to abuse a power known as "Magical Genderswap", a power native to the Dimension Witches that can flip between the gender dimensions. In its female form, Kajin appears as a very empathetic, "kawaii", embraceable and emotional individiual. In its male form, Kajin is a deviant, apathetic, egotistical and malevolent creature.


How dare you cast your worth-lacking judgement on me!?






Vengi12.png Use Description: Kajin's most used emoticon that is also used as a stand-alone word. Most of the time it is used as a response to something that isn't really amusing, but when Kajin cannot think of a genius response to something (Kajin's omniscience is decreased greatly in human form). This emoticon is also combined with sentences, influenced by Pandamaare's strict usage of commas in order to transition into a "lol." If something however is very amusing, "lol" will have a capital "L" at the beginning.
Percentage of Use: 100%
Quote Example: "lol"

EI Kink Face.png Use Description: Kajin's 2nd most used emoticon, usually implying either a joy to see someone familiar or a lustful reaction to someone new, and in some cases, sarcasm. Also used at random. Rubbed off onto Kajin from Ken-sama.
Percentage of Use: 69%
Quote Example: ":x"

Vengi16.png Use Description: An emoticon that Kajin very commonly uses in a "kawaii" fashion in response to another "kawaii" comment made by another individual. Also may imply some sort of human affection towards said individual.
Percentage of Use: 50%
Quote Example: "Hi *insert the name of one of Kajin's infinite human lovers here* c:"

Vengi14.png Use Description: An emoticon commonly used by Kajin in response to a melancholic statement by an individual. Also used as a response to Pandamaare when his sentences end with "D:."
Percentage of Use: 15%
Quote Example: "lol D:"

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