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Blade Master
Name Kenny
Class Blade Master
Weapon Fabaceae Lightsaber, Nasod Arm (TYPE-BANANA)
Age 22

Quote of the Day

"arbusto e um derpo" - University of Bush

Current Status

I gave AA to the derp


Kenny is known as the omnipotent being who created everything in this universe. In the universe of Elsword, he takes the persona of the Blade Master named, "Gibberish". With the power of baked beans, he is able to cause Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation in his enemies through overwhelming them with the raw awesomeness of BEANS.
He wields the Legendary Fabaceae Lightsaber which endows him full control over the universe he created, to create and destroy whenever required.... And when he has to destroy, the deadly substance, Lectin Phytohaemagglutinin can poison the victims to death....
He dons the sanctimonious Arch-Angel Robes and has wings of an angel, further amplifying his omni-superiority over all creation....
It has been heard that he has a disciple of the name, "Infected" who is a something something.
Also, he likes beans, beanuts, and bananas.


Kenny relies on the existence of Beans, Beanuts and the Banana Elstone to store his extremely omnipotent power... With them he is absolutely invincible and does not have to use the Fabaceae Lightsaber at all. However he is of exceeding modesty and decides to store his powers within the roughage of Beans, the supremacy of Beanuts, and the potassium of the Banana Elstone.
Without these beanie powers, he makes use of extremely swift blade attacks through his persona's Fabaceae Lightsaber which could cut through diamond as if it were air particles. He also occasionally makes use of his persona's Nasod Arm (TYPE-BANANA), to invoke numerous tachyons which would create a medium sized black-hole to trap his opponents while he slices and dices their carbon-compound existences into mere quarks.


Raw awesomeness....


You will not survive the raw beanutrocity of his abilities... Click Here


Instantaneous Haemophilia
STSactive4.png MP Usage: 1 MP
Cooldown: -1 second
Skill Description: Instantaneously impair the victim's ability to control blood clotting or coagulation, which is used to stop bleeding when a blood vessel is broken. Causes severe Intracranial Haemorrage if skill is applied directly to the head.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 1337x101337% Beanified damage.
Info: Renders victim similar to a industrially blended can of baked beans.

Can Opener
Moment Slayer.PNG MP Usage: 0.5 MP
Cooldown: -2 seconds
Skill Description: Kenny slides behind the adversary in a yoctosecond while flourishing his Fabaceae Lightsaber in an extremely stylish manner. The adversary will be instantly decapitated.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 1337% Beanified damage.
Info: You know what its like when you open a can of baked beans? Yeah, something like that.


Fabaceae Apotheosis
Experienced Sword.PNG Passive Description: Transfer the omnipotence of beanuts, beans and bananas into the Fabaceae lightsaber.... Even the one who merely touches the blade will not survive the Congenital Afibrinogenemia it will cause....
Passive Mastery: 천삼백서른일곱% total beanified power increase
Info: Attainment of the true bean within.


EI Kink Face.png Use Description: Kenny's 100% used Emotion.... In greetings and even used by itself... It is used to express an extremely abstract emotion called kink, or what Takahisa calls "Cota".
Percentage of Use: 1337%
Quote Example: ":x"

K EI shockface.png Use Description: Occasionally used emotion.... used to express shock or surprise. ONLY used to greet a person named, "Reymoo"...
Percentage of Use: 14%
Quote Example: "Hi Moo :0"

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