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Vengi Unique Class: Lord Vengi


Lord Vengi relies on his god-like reAction Speed, intense foresight, and superb combo ability to own anything and everything with his blade.

Additionally, he is capable of utilizing the Fast and Ridiculously Advanced Power System (FRAPS) to summon Utubium, the God of Vidios, to help spread word of the power within the blade.


Coming from a long bloodline of badass sword knight badassery, Vengi had been refining his swordsmanship skills since young. Legend holds it that when young Vengi was born, he came out fighting, immediately taking to the doctor's surgical scalpel and successfully disconnecting his own umbilical cord. It was then and there that they all knew a blade in his grasp was only to be natural.

Unfortunately, the age of the sword had long been gone, and this was the era of long ranged combat. Magic and archery was spreading like wildfire across the land, making warriors of the blade plain redundant. All his uncles and aunts could do was shake their heads in disappointment and sigh, "If only he had been born in an earlier generation."

However, they had not seen the potential in the boy with their own naked eye. What his mother and father had seen, no, what they had experienced, they believed to be a sign from the gods themselves. They encouraged their child to never give in and never give up, a lesson he easily picked up on. As he grew, he started to realize, it was to be his destiny to return justice to the name of the sword. To prove to everyone the ever growing strength inside of his heart, that the age of the sword had not died, not yet. If it was not possible for him, there would be no hope left for anybody else.

In present day, he has been crowned the title of "Godman" amongst the southeastern kingdoms and has accounted up to as many as two hundred and twenty-two disciples. However, his journey is far from over. He still has much to learn, and many have yet to hear of his name, and the potential he beholds. Many more have yet to lay eyes on the blade he holds dear. His one true blade, the Pandamaare.



Nature: Combat-Loving

  • Close Combatant: His in-your-face attacking style intimidates opponents within his reach.
  • Fighting Spirit: He harnesses potential energy faster than most fighters.
  • Focused Fighter: He shows his respect towards his opponents in a one-on-one fight by giving it his all to best them.
  • Against the Odds: He is driven beyond his limits when outnumbered to fight harder and smarter.

Growth: Intense Trainer

  • Combo King: He successfully chains faster, longer, and stronger attacks than most fighters.
  • Godspeed: His mastered agility gives him an unrivaled attacking speed and reaction timing to enemy attacks.
  • Enlightenment: His wisdom and foresight has grown substantially to give him the advantage in a fight.
  • Meat Shield: His sturdy structure allows him to take more damage than most fighters.
  • Raw Power: He can tear through an opponent's defenses as if it were rice paper.


  • Crippled Reach: His short range handicaps him against longer ranged fighters.
  • Outdated: His lack of current technology make his battle style naturally underpowered.
  • Late Bloomer: His heavy requirement of training handicaps his ability until refined.


See Vengi in action through the eyes of Utubium himself! Click here!


Image Description
Lord Vengi Combo 1.png Advanced Dash Combo

Utilizing a unique lightweight blade crafted with technology of the Nasod, Vengi can pierce further and significantly faster than before. It has 10% less knockdown ratio than its prior version.

Lord Vengi Combo 2.png Master Chain Combo

The mastered version of Sword Knight's launch combo. Vengi can now pull it off with 100% success. Combo reaction is improved, allowing him to attack while barely lifting off the ground. The mastered version is so low, his knee is literally touching the ground. It has 20% less knockdown ratio than its prior version.

Lord Vengi Combo 3.png Improved Knockback Combo

Vengi's strongest combo, with even higher damage multipliers than previous. The improved version of Lord Knight's knockback combo can be swung 10% faster.

Lord Vengi Combo 4.png Rolling Smash Ver.2

Vengi's improved version of Lord Knight's Rolling Smash allows him to roll faster, resulting in more hits.


Vengi's Mega Slash Ver.3 in action.

Mega Slash Ver.3
Vengi1.png MP Usage: 100 MP
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Skill Description: An improved version of Mega Slash. It deals one powerful slash forwards with extreme damage, creating even surrounding air pressure to deal a deadly blow at a range.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 1337% sword hit physical damage, 1042% air hit physical damage
Info: It's more of a "real air slash". Not nearly as strong as Assrape Slash, but it has a much better range, making it better on multiple enemies. It deals more damage if the enemy is closer to you.

Assrape Slash
Vengi2.png MP Usage: 100 MP
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Skill Description: Lunge forward quickly at your enemy to deal multiple hits, leaving them with butthurt effect for a few seconds.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 246% physical damage (8 hits), 7 seconds butthurt effect
Info: It's like Assault Slash, except you don't need Fatal Fury to learn it! 8D Butthurt effect makes players feel butthurt and regret having to spend 5SP on a skill they rarely use for 7 seconds, giving you the mental advantage in PvP.

Because, you know, you will never be as sexy as this.

ElSkill5i.png MP Usage: 30 MP
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Skill Description: Take off your armour for a few seconds to cause QQ moar effect on all surrounding opponents AND team mates.
Skill Mastery: (1SP) 400% chance to make everyone else commit suicide due to jealousy
Info: It's pretty good on everyone.

Spiral Wave
ElSkill14.png MP Usage: 180 MP
Cooldown: 8 seconds
Skill Description: A revised variation of Spiral Blast. Slash once in a spiral motion to strike the ground, creating three flare waves which slide forward to deal multiple hits that launch.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 532% initial physical damage, 162% wave magical damage
Info: This time the blast deals more hits and faster, but with less damage. The waves slide forward making it easier to get more hits to connect. Using it while knocking an opponent off a platform with the initial hit will take a good chunk of their HP off.

Vengi5.png MP Usage: 200 MP
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Skill Description: An improved version of Windmill. Spin rapidly for a short duration, slashing enemies constantly with a slight vacuum effect. In awakening it deals more damage, but the number of hits and duration is lowered. This skill can be used in midair.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 56% physical damage (6 seconds, 40 hits), 107% physical damage in awaken (4 seconds, 27 hits)
Info: Spin is faster, making it harder to hold z to escape. I recommend only using it in awaken still, since the damage is still kind of low without. It's more of a safety skill.

Vengi6.png MP Usage: 300 MP
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Skill Description: An improved version of Armaggedon Blade. Unleash an enourmous blade of the gods that would cut the skies and slice the seas, immediately dealing extreme physical damage, increasing range and damage of all hits for a certain period.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) 1880% initial physical damage, increases range and damage for 23 seconds, 10% increased damage
Info: It's about as long as Type-H's arma blade, so it's nearly impossible for opponents to escape in PvP now even if they are on another platform, unless they have MP to hold z. It also has a damage buff, and it's blue. 8D

Sextuple Geyser
Vengi7.png MP Usage: 300 MP
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Skill Description:

Drive your blade into the ground with all your might, causing three geysers of magma to erupt on both your sides. Everything dies and you win the game.

Skill Mastery: (0SP) 9001 power levels
Info: It's Triple Geyser x2.

V Slash
Vengi8.png MP Usage: ???
Cooldown: ???
Skill Description: Vengi's #1 most powerful technique, The V Slash. Even he has yet to discover the true devestating power lying within him. Its power is unknown, and has yet to be awakened.
Skill Mastery: (???) ?????% physical damage (first hit), ?????% physical damage (final hit)
Info: He has never been pushed to limits where he must resort to using this skill, yet.


Does your training ever get this intense?

Strong Body
ElPass11.png Passive Description: Increases your muscle density from your intensive training to create a more sturdy structure for your biceps, triceps, abs, and buttocks.
Passive Mastery: ( )( ) 10% total buttlift power increase
Info: It doesn't actually make any of your other muscles stronger.

ElPass7.png Passive Description: Receive more MP per hit, lol.
Passive Mastery: (5SP) 20% more MP per hit, lol
Info: Get it, pretty much means 1 extra MP per hit, lol. -_-

Image Utubium Vidios Workout
STPassive2.png Skill Description: Bribe Utubium with desciple sacrifices so he will search for you information on brand new, state of the art exercise routines.
Skill Mastery: (5SP) Increases your base physical attack power by 150.
Prerequisites: Strong Butt (5SP)
Info: He's the master of butt physics!!


Vengi12.png Use Description: Vengi's top most used emotion. Usually used at the end of any sentence or statement, MUST ALWAYS be followed by a comma in the front. If used in the middle of a sentence, a comma MUST ALWAYS follow after it as well.
Percentage of Use: 30%
Quote Example: "Oh, I don't use those, lol"

Vengi13.png Use Description: Vengi's #2 most used emotion. Usually used at the end of a disappointing statement, sometimes after "lol". It is also usually followed with a comma in front.
Percentage of Use: 15%
Quote Example: "Bet they'll give swordie more crap skill notes, lol, -_-"

Vengi14.png Use Description: Vengi's #3 most used emotion. Usually used at the end of a sad comment, sometimes after "lol". It does not require any commas.
Percentage of Use: 15%
Quote Example: "My arm is still sore from all that exercise, lol D:"

Vengi15.png Use Description: Vengi's #4 most used emotion. Usually used at the end of a sarcastic, obvious, or peeved comment. It does not require any commas.
Percentage of Use: 10%
Quote Example: "It's strong enough already >_>"

Vengi16.png Use Description: Vengi's #5 most used emotion. Usually used as a greeting with Beni when he is feeling fresh or in a good mood. It does not require any commas.
Percentage of Use: 10%
Quote Example: "Hi Beni c:"

Vengi17.png Use Description: Vengi's #6 most used emotion. Usually used after a excited or happy comment, sometimes alternating with "D8". Skratch originally used this emotion most, and it rubbed off onto many others. It does not require any commas.
Percentage of Use: 10%
Quote Example: "And then I'll be like yay 8D"

Vengi18.png Use Description: Vengi's least most used emotion. Usually used by itself after a shocking response, or at the end of a shocking comment. Skratch originally used this emotion most, and it rubbed off onto many others. It does not require any commas.
Percentage of Use: 10%
Quote Example: "D8"

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