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Passive Name


HA -> Ancient Soul

PS1 : Memory of The Soul

- When using erendril skill gain a buff that increase additional hit for every erendril attack and have a 30% chance to send a wind when using erendril command

Erendril Skill : Fatality , Butterfly , Eradication and Furious Engage

PS2 : Trap Expert

- Range of trap skill increase by 10%. Third trap skill will get enhance damage by 30% - Using Delayed Fire will reset cooldown all trap skill. And trap skill that use while installing delayed fire will decrease cooldown by 50% - Using fungus skill will increase it damage and next special active skill damage by 20%

Trap skill : Explosion Trap , Eldrasil's Fury , Briar Trap , Seed of Wrath , Evoke Fungus Skill : Trapping Arrow - Fungus , Rage Fungus


HA -> ??

PS1 : Chaos Chain

When using Henir Open skill, a power of chaos overflow around you and create chaos area. Gain a benefit in chaos area and enemy in area will get debuff.

- Ain's Critical Damage increase by 15% - Enemy's elemental resistance reduce by 100 and decrease mana gain from any source to 0

PS2 : Absorption Strengthen

- When enter Stage 3 of seed of chaos all skill cooldown accelerate by 2x and gain 5mp (2mp in PVP) per enemy around you