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This page is for users requesting text replacements on Elwiki. To make a request, please edit the table below with your request.

Please note that text replacements are not instant and will take some time to actually happen (due to database issues). If it is urgent and you need to speed up the replacement, send a message to User:Kenny.

Request List

Date Requesting User Original Text Replacement Text Additional Comments/Details Completed?
9/07/2017 User:Rokujou Freezing Arrow - Sting Freezing Arrow - Yes
9/08/2017 Yazero Mondmeister Mondmeister Ilunis - Yes
9/08/2017 Yazero {{SpecialAbilities/de}} {{SpecialAbilitiesDE}} - Yes
9/08/2017 Yazero {{Template:SpecialAbilities/de}} {{SpecialAbilitiesDE}} - Yes
10/15/2017 Yazero Character_Customization_System/de#Skill-Cut-Ins Character_Customization_System/Skill_Cut-in/de - Yes
10/15/2017 Yazero Character_Customization_System/de#Standposen Character_Customization_System/Idle_Motion/de - Yes
10/15/2017 Yazero Character_Customization_System/de#Sitzposen Character_Customization_System/Custom_Motion/de - Yes
10/27/2017 Yazero Windmeister Windmeister Ventus - Yes
10/28/2017 Yazero Xerion Yazero This one's a little personal request and my new nickname preference. :-) Yes
10/28/2017 Yazero Mondmeister Ilunis Ilunis Mondmeister Ilunis Don't know what happened here, but it seems like the last request was processed (?) two times. Yes
11/12/2017 Yazero Character_Customization_System/de#Augen Character_Customization_System/Face/de - Yes
11/16/2017 Yazero Hamel-Offizier Hamelmarine-Offizier - Yes
12/17/2017 User:Antiaris Vengeuse nasod Vengeresse nasod - Yes
12/31/2017 User:Antiaris Démo de compétence du booster Démo de booster - Yes
02/06/2018 Yazero UTeilweise‎ UOptional‎ - Yes
02/12/2018 Yazero Kommando-Kanonier Taktiker It seems like it was re-named after some time. In-client it says "Taktiker", so I think we should stick with that as long as no one finds a reason against it. Yes
02/21/2018 Gameboy224 02/20/2018 KR 02/22/2018 KR Accidentally put the wrong update date for some skill updates. Yes
04/01/2018 Yazero AFC2017DE 2017AFCharactersDE - Yes
04/01/2018 Yazero {{AFCharactersDE}} {{2017AFCharactersDE}} Seems I got the last one wrong. This one should be the correct one. Sorry for that. Yes
04/23/2018 ElXillia Supersonic Burster Supersonic Buster NA has Tempest Burster's Hyperactive called "Buster" instead of "Burster" (in-game). Yes
05/20/2018 User:Antiaris Première quête de spécialisation Quête de première spécialisation - Yes
05/20/2018 User:Antiaris Deuxième quête de spécialisation Quête de deuxième spécialisation - Yes
05/20/2018 User:Antiaris Troisième quête de spécialisation Quête de troisième spécialisation - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Gotcha! Oi! - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Souffle Suplen - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Splash Splash Splashy Splashy - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Bang Bang BANGBANG - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Crunch Crunch Crisp Crunch N' Munch - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Boom Bam Punch Kapow Punch - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Spin Spin Punch Swirly Punch - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Endure! Hang On! - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Bababam Bbababam - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Laby Bomb Super Laby Bomb - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Universal Nisha Pocket Nisha is Pocket - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Mixis Mixsys - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Tropical Bang Tropical Pop - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris I'm A Stone I am Stone - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Teacher's Teachings Lesson Learned - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Staying Healthy Is The Best Be Healthy - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Battle Sense Combat Sense - Yes
12/30/2018 User:Antiaris Bamboo Forest Road Bamboo Forest - Yes
01/04/2019 User:Antiaris The Great Birth Great Birth - Yes
01/14/2019 User:ElXillia Mech Mech Revolution Sub Mech Revolution After transcending my Optimus today (in NA), I noticed her Lv. 90 passive has the name "Sub Mech Revolution". Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[2-X [[Wally's Underground Laboratory - Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[3-X [[Dragon Nest: Abyss - Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[4-X [[Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area - Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[6-X [[Velder's Hallucination - Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[7-X [[Temple of Trials - Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[8-X [[The Rage of Behemoth - Yes
01/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 [[9-X [[Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy - Yes
01/30/2019 User:ED Senne [Hi, Laby] [Hello, Laby] - Yes
01/30/2019 User:ED Senne [Hi, Nisha] [Hello, Nisha] - Yes
01/30/2019 User:ED Senne [Laby, I'll Help You!] [Need Help, Laby?] - Yes
02/21/2019 User:Ritsu Eroding Aura Eroding Energy Official translation. Yes
02/21/2019 User:Ritsu Excessive Greed Get Greedy Official translation. Yes
02/21/2019 User:Gameboy224 01/17/2019 KR 01/17/2019 KR / 02/20/2019 NA - Yes
02/24/2019 User:ElXillia Cheat Code: Rule Break Cheat Code: Rule Breaker - Yes
03/05/2019 User:Antiaris Rêveuse étincelante Veilleuse étincelante - Yes
03/23/2019 User:Antiaris I Know You Understanding You - Yes
05/12/2019 User:Ritsu Status Effects/Sharpshooter Aura Status Effects/Sharpshooter Syndrome I noticed this buff is called the same in-game as the skill that causes it. Yes
05/13/2019 User:Ritsu Sharpshooter Aura Sharpshooter Syndrome I noticed this buff is called the same in-game as the skill that causes it. Yes
06/19/2019 User:Antiaris Enfant espiègle Bébé étincelle - Yes
06/19/2019 User:Antiaris Poing fracassant Bébé cyclone - Yes
06/19/2019 User:Antiaris Vainqueur de l'éternité Championne éonienne - Yes
06/20/2019 User:Gameboy224 2ndLaby 2nd Changes to Skill Tree Template no longer needs "2ndLaby". Yes
07/08/2019 User:Ritsu == Skill Tree == {{tabs
== Skill Tree == <div style="width: 500px;">{{tabs
Change re:booted characters' skill tree tabs to make it look better (fixed width) because it sometimes covers 'Statistics' section and it can't be opened. Example: Sc wiki1.png Pages: Elsword, Rena, Eve, Ara, Elesis, Ain and their classes Yes
07/10/2019 | 07/04/2019 || - || | 07/04/2019 || 07/31/2019 || NA re:boots dates.
| 06/20/2019 || - || | 06/20/2019 || 07/17/2019 ||
08/04/2019 Dragon Stance 2 : Pulling Thrust
Dragon Stance 3 : Eight Trigram Palm
Dragon Stance 4 : Moonlight Slash
Tiger Stance 1 : Rock Smash
Tiger Stance 2 : Tiger Claw
Tiger Stance 3 : Earth Axis
Tiger Stance 4 : Raging Wave
Wolf Stance 2 : Wind Wedge
Wolf Stance 3 : Wolf Claw
Wolf Stance 4 : Wolf Fang
Rakshasa Stance 1 : Soul Reaping
Rakshasa Stance 2 : Energy Burst
Rakshasa Stance 3 : Spear Prison
Rakshasa Stance 4 : Soul Escape
Exorcism Stance 2 : Specter Restraints
Exorcism Stance 3 : Shadoweave
Exorcism Stance 4 : Darkness Sever
Phantom Fox Stance 1 : Savor
Phantom Fox Stance 2 : Discordance
Phantom Fox Stance 3 : Rapid Raid
Phantom Fox Stance 4 : Fox's Meal
Dragon Stance 2: Pulling Thrust
Dragon Stance 3: Eight Trigram Palm
Dragon Stance 4: Moonlight Slash
Tiger Stance 1: Rock Smash
Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw
Tiger Stance 3: Earth Axis
Tiger Stance 4: Raging Wave
Wolf Stance 2: Wind Wedge
Wolf Stance 3: Wolf Claw
Wolf Stance 4: Wolf Fang
Rakshasa Stance 1: Soul Reaping
Rakshasa Stance 2: Energy Burst
Rakshasa Stance 3: Spear Prison
Rakshasa Stance 4: Soul Escape
Exorcism Stance 2: Specter Restraints
Exorcism Stance 3: Shadoweave
Exorcism Stance 4: Darkness Sever
Phantom Fox Stance 1: Savor
Phantom Fox Stance 2: Discordance
Phantom Fox Stance 3: Rapid Raid
Phantom Fox Stance 4: Fox's Meal
Seems like they fixed unnecessary space before colons in there.
08/06/2019 Spell : Thunder
Spell : Storm
Spell : Necromancy
Suppression : Specter
Spell : Spiritual Eye
Spell: Thunder
Spell: Storm
Spell: Necromancy
Suppression: Specter
Spell: Spiritual Eye
Please do the same thing with these mentioned skills. Note there is "Suppression" too.
Added an effect that changes all magical attacks to physical attacks. Added an effect that changes all magical skills to physical skills. This sentence is quite misleading, as commands' attack type isn't changed with all these RE:BOOT passives. No
08/16/2019 User:Antiaris Testarosa Testarossa - No