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MindOfFighter2.png [Passive] Mind of Fighter effect depends on which skills you leveled.

Cruel Slayer - When the passive activates, the MP cost of the next active is reduced.
Brutal Slayer - Whenever the MP burn occurs, Elsword next few hits will be critical.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost per Level Alternative Skill Requirement
Infinity Sword Lv. 20 60 5 Sharp Sword Expert Training Skill Quest

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Cruel Slayer Brutal Slayer
MP Consumption Reduced MP Consumption Reduced (Total) # of Hits Affected by Critical Rate Buff
1 60 2% 10% 1
2 3% 15% 2
3 63 4% 20%
4 67 5% 25% 3
5 71 - - -

Tips and Details

Cruel Slayer

  • MP cost reduction does not affect special actives.
  • The reduction lasts as long as Cruel Slayer buff is active.

Brutal Slayer

  • The critical rate buff only applies to the target that was MP burned.
    • Also affects special actives.
    • Combos that can be looped (i.e., ZZZ<<>ZZZ<<>~) allow nearly infinite critical hits.


  • In NA, this passive has been renamed to Fighting Spirit.