Magic Accelerator Aura

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Magic Party Buff.PNG
[Buff] Increase the Magical Attack Power of all party members within the range of the buff. (Does not stack with Magic Adrenaline Skills)


Class Master SP Requirement
Magician Lv. 5 20 SP
Another Code

Skill Information

Skill Level Magical Damage Increase Duration MP Usage Cooldown
1 20% 25 Seconds 70 MP 10 Seconds
2 30 Seconds
3 35 Seconds
4 40 Seconds
5 (M) 45 Seconds
6* 23%
7* 26%


  • 06/27/2013 KR
    • Accelerator deleted

Magician Skills
Special Active
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AishaS20.png Teleport
Couple Skill
CSZE.png Extreme Heavenly Love
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Couple Skill
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