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A cat spirit that protects all the cats in Elrios. Its body has become enormous from eating too many delicious offerings.


Z Attack X Attack C Attack
Z Attack
Quickly scratch enemies with razor-sharp claws.
Razor-sharp Claw: 420% x2
Jump Z, Dash-jump Z
Quickly scratch enemies with razor-sharp claws.
Razor-sharp Claw: 420% x2
X Attack
Charge forward with great speed and cause a shockwave with a stomach landing. Landing attack will be launched as 100% Critical. (Midair use possible.)
Flawless Attack: 144% x14
Flawless Landing: 1200%
Help me, nya!
Call upon cat friends for help. Cat friends will deal great damage to enemies in front.
Help me, nya!: 1313% x12
Special Movement
Able to air walk. Press after jumping.
Elemental Activation Chance
Piercing and Freezing (+2%)

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 마루 Maru

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