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MirageSting2.png [Active- Vitality] Elsword dashes forward with his Conwell, summoning 3 more Conwells that appear and fly toward the direction where Elsword dashed, ending this skill with him drawing back his sword for another hit.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost Per Level
Infinity Sword Lv.20 35 4

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Damage (Physical) Max Hits MP Usage Cooldown
1 35 85% 5 30 MP 6 Seconds
2 89%
3 38 93%
4 42 96%
5 46 100%
6 50 104%
7 54 108%
8 58 112%
9 62 116%
10 66 119%
11 70 123%
12 74 127%

Tips and Details

  • Even if Elsword gets knocked down while dashing forward, the 3 Conwells will continue forward.
  • If the knockdown counter is not full, you can use this move to catch a falling opponent. [Note: Very lag-sensitive, but normally works with >>xxx, Rage Cutter, and Counter(both versions).]
  • This move is similar to One Flash; though not as many glitches, it still leaves you open for combos if it misses. Use with caution.
    • However the backslash does hitstun, so if someone were right behind waiting for the animation to cease, they would be hit.
  • The 3 Conwells can proc weapon attributes.
    • When Brutal Slayer is activated via Mirage Sting each sword will burn mana.
  • Using this skill while running will cause the user to dash farther ahead.
    • This will cause the backslash to miss its intended target completely if used at point-blank.
  • A short time after the three Conwells pass Elsword, they begin to lower towards the ground, so it may be harder to hit more distant enemies if they were to jump.
  • You can also change the direction of the backslash to hit the enemy who should be be behind you after the dash.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 미라지 스팅 Mirage Sting

Compétences de Invocateur d'épées
Hyper compétence
SRain.png Pluie de lames
Spécial actif
PhantomSword2.png Épée fantôme     ISspecial2.png Tranchant de la colère     MaelstromRage.png Maelström     ISspecial1.png Explosion d'épée
HarshChaser.png Scorpion     SacCounter.png Contre-attaque parfaite
Harsh Slayer.png Impitoyable boucher     Sharp Blade.png Épée tranchante     LightningStep2.png Pas éclair