Rush Twirl

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LPA2.png [Active] Dash forward and create a twirling energy blast that locks targets down.
DP Using Skill
  • Only 20% of DP is consumed while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening).
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Lunatic Psyker 35

Skill Information


Level Required Damage (Magical) Max Hits MP Usage DP Usage Cooldown
Dash Multi Hit Dash Shock Dash Multi Hit Dash Shock
Normal DP Mode Normal DP Mode
35 67% 692% 171% 5 1 5 10 MP 20 DP 7 Seconds
[Enhanced] 80% 829% 205%


Level Required Damage (Magical)
Dash Multi Hit Dash Shock
Normal DP Mode
35 24% 264% 64%
[Enhanced] 31% 315% 77%

Skill Traits

Persistent Rush Twirl Powerful Rush Twirl
Attribute Effect Attribute Effect Details
Skill will reduce 4 KD per hit Super Armor added to the skill
Cooldown increased to 150%
10.5 Seconds

Tips and Details

  • [Enhanced] Rush Twirl can deal up to 1,229% (470% in PvP) Magical Damage. In Dynamo Configuration Mode, it can deal up to 1,425% (540% in PvP) Magical Damage.
  • Be cautious to not activate Rush Twirl in front of an attacking target as this skill has no super armor or invincibility frames.
  • This skill will leave you vulnerable for 1 second if it missed in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening).


Date Changes
01/23/2014 -
  • In normal mode, end delay decreased.
01/25/2017 -
  • Push damage increased.
  • Final Hit damage decreased.
04/27/2017 -
  • Damage increased.
  • None
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Normal Dash Shock damage increased.
  • Push damage decreased.
  • DP Mode Dash Shock damage decreased.
  • Damage decreased.
07/18/2019 08/14/2019
  • Rush Twirl deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 트월 러시 Twirl Rush
Japanese Flag.png Japan トワールスラッシュ Twirl Slash
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 回转冲击 Rush Twirl
German Flag.png Germany Energieschub Energy Thrust
French Flag.png France Élan d'énergie Energy Momentum
Polish Flag.png Poland Energetyczny Taran Energetic Ram
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Punho de Plasma Plasma Fist

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