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Meddle's personal icon dump. This is where I store icons I've ripped from the game, and haven't used or made a page for yet. I will make the appropriate pages for them at a later date, or others can use them for such. This is just so I can easily keep track of them.

Part-time Worker Uniform (Pizza Hut Costume)

Elsword's Pizza Hut Costume.pngAisha's Pizza Hut Costume.pngRena's Pizza Hut Costume.pngRaven's Pizza Hut Costume.pngEve's Pizza Hut Costume.pngChung's Pizza Hut Costume.pngAra's Pizza Hut Costume.pngElesis's Pizza Hut Costume.pngAdd's Pizza Hut Costume.pngLu's Pizza Hut Costume.pngCiel's Pizza Hut Costume.pngRose's Pizza Hut Costume.pngAin's Pizza Hut Costume.png

Retro Uniform

Elsword's Retro Uniform.pngAisha's Retro Uniform.pngRena's Retro Uniform.pngRaven's Retro Uniform.pngEve's Retro Uniform.pngChung's Retro Uniform.pngAra's Retro Uniform.pngElesis's Retro Uniform.pngAdd's Retro Uniform.pngLu's Retro Uniform.pngCiel's Retro Uniform.pngRose's Retro Uniform.png

Mystical Moon Rabbit Event

Moon Rabbit Ariel.png

Elrios Moon Rabbit Hair

Elsword EMR Hair.pngAisha EMR Hair.pngRena EMR Hair.pngRaven EMR Hair.pngEve EMR Hair.pngChung EMR Hair.pngAra EMR Hair.pngElesis EMR Hair.pngAdd EMR Hair.pngLu EMR Hair.pngCiel EMR Hair.pngRose EMR Hair.pngAin EMR Hair.png

Elrios Moon Rabbit Suit

Elsword EMR Suit.pngAisha EMR Suit.pngRena EMR Suit.pngRaven EMR Suit.pngEve EMR Suit.pngChung EMR Suit.pngAra EMR Suit.pngElesis EMR Suit.pngAdd EMR Suit.pngLu EMR Suit.pngCiel EMR Suit.pngRose EMR Suit.pngAin EMR Suit.png

Misc. Items

Moon Shard.pngMoon Rabbit Ticket.pngEMR Cube.pngMoonlight Potion.png

Guild Expedition

Guild Coin.pngBanner Point.pngGuild Honor Point Boost Medal.png


Raid Cubes

Varnimyr Raid Cube 1.pngVarnimyr Raid Cube 2.pngVarnimyr Raid Cube 3.pngVarnimyr Raid Cube 4.pngVarnimyr Raid Cube 5.pngVarnimyr Raid Cube 6.pngVarnimyr Raid Weapon Cube.png

Guild Base Skins

Guild Skin 1.pngGuild Skin 2.pngGuild Skin 3.pngGuild Skin 4.png

Henir's Time and Space/Season 4 Items

Space Time Fragment.pngForce Evolution Stone (Elite).pngForce Evolution Stone (Unique).png

Force Skills (Item Icon Versions)

Elrian Clock (Item).pngRemaining El's Aspiration (Item).pngS-6ForceItem.pngEroding Aura (Item).pngExcessive Greed (Item).pngThunderstorm (Item).png