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Tiny - Centurion.png Meddle
Name Meddle
Class Tiny - Centurion.png Centurion
El Resonance Level 148
Achievement Score 4480
Join Date Flag-us.png May 2nd, 2012
Server Flag-us.png North America (Solace)
Guild Schneide (Administrator)
Your pretty world has come to break you.

Character Icon.png About Me

I am an ElEditor who generally works on collecting information and assets, translations, archiving old information, and general housekeeping and assistance where needed. Usually will attend to heavily neglected pages or the lesser, more obscure portions of the game in order to broaden the amount of information available as much as possible. This is all assuming I'm not busy or lazy.

Community Icon.png To-do List/Reminders

Personal reminders for myself of things that need doing, or that I want to do.


  • Revamp Item Database to cover all the basic items in the game
    • Create pages for individual items (in progress)
    • Redesign the current Item Database page to account for the new database (in progress)



  • Add victory quotes to dungeon pages that lack them

Unfinished Pages


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Character Icon.png Characters

Character Icon.png Characters
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