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Is the MP multiplier applied to MP increasing passives as well, or is that applied separately?

  • I just tested it myself. The MP multiplier does, in fact, factor in MP-increasing passives. Now the question is, do equipment effects/sockets that raise MP get affected by it as well?

Attack/Defense Levels

If you can only have a max of 999 points, wouldn't that make the max level for the Attack and Defense Resonance 999 instead of infinite?

  • (one day in the future) kog: ah, let increase the point to 9999! maybe infinite looks better than 999. lol -IceSoulMOG (talk) 06:52, 14 November 2016 (UTC)
    • I guess. Also, is anyone gonna answer my question about the Max MP option of El Resonance?

Only Once

It looks like El Resonance only needs to be unlocked once per account, and then the entire account can use it.

Ara's El Resonance

Does skill damage boosts from El Resonance affect Ara's secret arts?

  • While I haven't tested El Resonance with them, I've tested those Secret Arts in the past, and they appear to be treated as the same type of skill as the final part used to activate them, so they should be affected as well.