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New Altera Loading Screens

Since you were the one who got all the loading screens from KR. Can you get the new ones for 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, and 4-4 since they changed after the Altera Revamp. Also, the KR version of Ruben Village Entrance would also be much appreciated if you can. Gameboy224 (talk) 21:43, 28 July 2014 (PST)


Where did the Salvatore Denif and Salvatore Ibelleun Add sets come from? Kajin (talk) 21:53, 4 August 2014 (EDT)

  • I don't know Salvatore Denif will be released in which server, but I find their icons in China's data130.kom for half a month. And I think Salvatore Ibelleun is prepared for EU because the next Ice Burner Set in EU is Salvatore Ibelleun. IceSoulMOG (talk) 22:13, 4 August 2014 (EDT)

Altera 2nd Loading Screen Problems

Since you were the one who put the whole dungeon template together. Can you help fix the problem where the KR Loading Screen for 4-1, 4-2, 4-3, and 4-4 won't show up? I tried myself but I don't quite understand the coding for that segment.

  • Nevermind, Boxsnake fixed it... and now I feel like an idiot seeing the solution was actually rather simple and I completely overlooked it.


eh if you are removing the tabs because of the NA rebalance, could u also add the info into the updates section?

Template Section

  • From previous edition, Template Section headings automatically generate h2. This edition enables jump to section but will display in TOC. Now, add heading=true to enable heading, otherwise it will be spans.

Skill: Assault Spear

  • Which Information to use, OLD or NEW? -- From Boxsnake (talk) 16:58, 13 October 2014 (EDT)
    • It's the old skill before EVO/2 .

Template: Infobox character duo

do u think u can make a new template of char infobox for duo char thats looks something like this? LCthing.png

  • sorry, but i've asked Boxsnake if he can make it.
    • I will not make a new infobox, but just hack the existing styles to make double columns.

The Profession Images

Hello. I want to ask you which kom file contains all the Profession item icons. Rokujou (talk) 14:14, 19 December 2014 (EST)

Re: ora

What do you want to say in ORA. I am in the computer lab and the appt. Internet is down. WebQQ does not work now...

  • 改完了等整点看下。

Thank you

Thank you for correct me for the gatling page of the mastermind (in french)

Secret Dungeon pages bugged.

Can you check out how the DungeonPage templates work with the Secret Dungeon pages, the template seems to cause this to happen to the BGM section. BuggedSecret.png
Gameboy224 (talk) 16:36, 4 January 2015 (PST)

2nd job shadow icons

can u add the file base for the icons first.

  • done. but i think ciel's 2nd job is more likely to be Chiliarch's 2nd job, due to their clothes have the same design. (only Ciel advances while the Lu will remain as her 1st job)

Ice burners: Add Shadow Incubus

I can't see it on the Ice burners list, but I can see it on the miniature. Can you fix it x.x? Or.. you wanna wait the full version? Cuz I see the wings too on it :o Thanks in advance ><

IB Models

i dun understand how to change the image from the template.

  • Done. The link is [[File:[IBName][Position][Character]2.png]], for example [[File:EOHairLu2.png]]. You need to delete the redirect page before you upload the image. Also, if the size of the image is multiples of 213 × 280, i'll be very happy. lol
  • I still dun really understand how to do this lol. Also i added image of when wings awaken. SG2Rav2.png i also tried to edit the gaia tabs to make another tab but doesnt seem to work
    • i think your edit is right, and it's work now.

About Luciel release in your server

i am worried if sometimes CN server will release new Lanox Dungeon... u sure if luciel really released at 1 July??? Salvatore Leone (talk) 04:59, 11 June 2015 (EDT)

ok i understand, maybe EU will held pre-event for 2 weeks rather than other server Salvatore Leone (talk) 05:17, 11 June 2015 (EDT)

Anudran Render

Can you find a full body Anudran render please. We've just had this screenshot for quite a while.
Thank you in advance. Gameboy224 (talk) 22:54, 24 June 2014 (PST)

New Skill Tree

Can you make the new skill tree templates so it doesn't require each tree to start from level 1. Like 1st job only shows level 15-40 and 2nd job only shows level 35-65. Showing all skills from level 1-65 stretches the page out a bit too much.

KR Update stuff

how do u get other KR update not available on babel website??? Salvatore Leone (talk) 10:53, 6 August 2015 (CEST)

nem combo 1

could you upload the new image of nem combo 1? the artwork changed.

  • Done.

Skill Attributes

could you add in this into the skill pages?


Thank you for write the KR Add's updates. ^_^

NPC Renders

You think you can post all the NPC renders in the gallery for each town? Gameboy224 (talk) 00:19, 2 November 2015 (CET)

  • Yes, like each town has the full portrait render for each of the NPCs. Like how for 7-2 we have the portraits for Iz, Mermand, etc. Gameboy224 (talk) 07:54, 2 November 2015 (CET)

New Priestess Art.

  • Since you were able to find Hennon's art, you think you can find the revamped art for the priestesses? Gameboy224 (talk) 06:32, 16 July 2017 (UTC).
    • Hennon's art is from en_time_05_Rose.swf - he appears in the Story so I can extract the swf file and upload it. The priestesses only apprears in the village, so I have to wait until next week. after Elrianode released in my server, I'll ask my friend to save them. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 00:59, 17 July 2017 (UTC)


Yah, with her having four classes it is rather small. I'll hold a poll on the NA forum and I'll see if people would rather the 3 layer template or keep it 2 layers.

  • How bout this.
Language:English • Deutsch • español • français • Bahasa Indonesia • italiano • 한국어 • polski • português do Brasil • русский • ไทย • Tiếng Việt • 中文(简体)‎ • 中文(繁體)‎ • 中文(台灣)‎
LKTiny.pngLKTTiny.png Lord Knight
Name Elsword
Class LKTiny.pngLKTTiny.png Lord Knight
Weapon Great Sword, Fire Magic, Ethereal Blades, Wind
Age 16
Race Human
Height 164 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight 60 kg (132 lb)
Class Tree Icon - Elsword.png > SKNEW.png > LKNEW.png > Icon - Knight Emperor.png
Release Date Korean Flag.png 12 November 2009
German Flag.png 4 May 2011
Flag-us.png 6 July 2011
Chinese Flag.png 4 January 2012
Bresil Flag.png 31 July 2013
Transcedence Release Date Korean Flag.png 14 July 2016
Japanese Flag.png 28 September 2016
Chinese Flag.png 28 September 2016
Flag-us.png 28 September 2016
Bresil Flag.png 28 September 2016
Europeanunion.png 14 December 2016
Speed: Slow Average Fast UI - Physical Class.png
Attack Range: Short Medium Long
Difficulty: Easy Normal Hard Physical
I hope you're ready!

LKNEW.png Lord Knight

[A swordsman who is an elite Velder Kingdom Knight]
Has the endurance to withstand any attack, and overcome any enemy with his power.

ElSkill3i.png[Rolling Smash]
Use this when you spot an enemy in the distance. This skill is very useful for an ambush. You can also confuse the enemy with this.
Use this to gather the enemy and then attack them. Spin like a tornado while attacking the enemy. Hold down the skill key for additional attacks.
ElSkill3.png[Armageddon Blade]
Use this to continually attack in a wide range. This is useful for long battles. This allows you to attack an enemy that is far away.
Counter Patience.png[Counter Patience]
Your attack increases heavily when debuffed. If any enemy applies a debuff on you, attack them without fear.
LKTrans2.png[Power Smash]
Use this skill to burst an enemy down. Can be used during a combo or to take out a single enemy.
LKTrans1.png[Sonic Blade: Crescent]
Sonic Blade changed to be slightly different. This skill is useful to attack multiple nearby enemies.
LKTrans3.png[Imperial Crusher]
Annihilate the enemy with a giant sword. Use this skill against high HP enemies.
LKTrans5.png[God of War ]
Gain the power to rule the battlefield. Have an ability to completely shatter an enemy's armor while in 'Iron Body' status.


As soon as Elsword arrived in Velder, he began to train his swordsmanship skills once more. Being trained by Vanessa, Elsword grew stronger than ever before. Soon the other knights in Velder started to respect him, and he was appointed Lord Knight.

Second Class Advancement

Upon reaching Lv. 35, Sword Knight can advance into Lord Knight. To receive the 2nd job quest, click on the job change notification located below the map select.
Lord Knight can also be obtained by using the Item Mall item: Lord Knight Certificate Lc.png.

Lord Knight

  1. Speak with Adel in Altera.
  2. Collect 5 Memory Alloy from any Nasod monsters in the Altera region.
  3. Defeat:
  4. Arrive Feita.
  5. Collect 20 Arc Glitter's Insignia from any Glitter monsters in the Feita region.
    • In KR and EU Server, its quest descriptions shows that this quest items only drop for Glitter Defender, Glitter Archer, Glitter Spearman and Glitter Necromancer. This is incorrect as Glitter Pounder also drop this quest item.

You can Transcend at Lv 70.

Skill Tree

Lord Knight

Skills Passives Locked
Blank.png ElSkill3.png ElSkill3i.png Wind Slicer1.png Blank.png Level 35
Blank.png ShoulderTackle.png Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 40
Blank.png SI Sandstorm.png Blank.png Blank.png LockCover.png ElSkill9i.png
Level 45
ElSkill4.png Blank.png VerticalSlicer.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 50
Blank.png ElSkill7i.png Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 55
Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png ElSkill14i.png LockCover.png Counter Patience.png
Level 60
Blank.png LockCover.png GaintSlash.png
Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 65
Blank.png LKTrans1.png Blank.png LKTrans4.png Blank.png Level 70 (Transcendence)
Blank.png LKTrans2.png Blank.png Blank.png LockCover.png TransShared.png
Level 80
Blank.png LKTrans3.png Blank.png Blank.png LockCover.png LKTrans5.png
Level 90
Blank.png LKTrans6.png Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 95
  • 2nd Job Skill Traits unlocked at Level 70.
  • 2nd Job Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon Transcending.
  • Transcendence Skill Traits unlocked at Level 99.
  • Transcendence Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 3rd job class.


Skills Passives Locked
Blank.png LKTrans1.png Blank.png LKTrans4.png Blank.png Level 70 (Transcendence)
Blank.png LKTrans2.png Blank.png Blank.png LockCover.png TransShared.png
Level 80
Blank.png LKTrans3.png Blank.png Blank.png LockCover.png LKTrans5.png
Level 90
Blank.png LKTrans6.png Blank.png Blank.png Blank.png Level 95
  • Skill Traits unlocked at Level 99.
  • Final Enhanced Skill unlocked upon advancing to 3rd job class.

Additional Combos

Exclamation.png : All damage values for new and preexisting combos receive a 1.1x multiplier during 2nd job.
Image Description Damage
Lk3.png Forward Thrust

Forcefully stab the enemy after doing the standard Z.pngZ.pngZ.png combo. The stab leaves opponents open for combo and has little to no delay, allowing you to loop the combo again. A very good simple and safe combo.

ViZ.png 149% Phy. Damage
ViZ.png 183% Phy. Damage
ViZ.png 238% Phy. Damage
DeRZ.png 245% Phy. Damage

Lk4.png Heavy Launcher

After doing the standard DRU.pngX.pngX.png combo, instead of knocking the enemy down, you can launch them upwards with a 180° upward slice. The combo can be canceled after the DRU.pngX.pngX.png.

  • This was formerly a Sword Knight combo. However, Sword Knight is still able to do this combo before becoming a Lord Knight, which is likely unintentional.
  • The final X.png launches the enemy very high upwards, even higher than DR.pngX.png and X.pngX.pngZ.png.

DeX.png 399% Phy. Damage
DeX.png 335% Phy. Damage
ViX.png 403% Phy. Damage

DR.pngDeX.pngDeHoldX.pngDeX.png Launching Charge

After launching with DR.pngDeX.png, you can now charge forward while in Super Armor before ending with a final slash. As with Sword Knight's version, the charge can be delayed while in super armor before rushing forward.

DeX.png 319% Phy. Damage
DeHoldX.png 78% Phy. Damage x4
DeX.png 78% Phy. Damage + 90% Phy. Damage


Date Changes
07/23/2015 12/16/15
01/21/2016 -
  • Fixed DRU.pngDeX.pngDeX.pngViX.png showing DeX.png as the last input in the command UI.
03/30/2017 -
  • DR.pngDeX.pngDeHoldX.pngDeX.png no longer cancels Mana Break.
06/20/2019 07/17/2019
  • Launch height on DR.pngDeX.pngDeHoldX.pngDeX.png's final DeX.png input vastly increased.


Hyper Active

GaintSlash.png Gigantic Slash
Lock.gifHyperBook.png Ultimate Secret Manual is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Ultimate Skill Quest or Item Mall.

Special Active

ElSkill3.png Armageddon Blade
ShoulderTackle.png Shoulder Tackle
SI Sandstorm.png Sandstorm
ElSkill9i.png Windmill
Lock.gifLv45Book.png Camilla's Secret Manual (Advanced) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Advanced Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.
VerticalSlicer.png Vertical Slash
ElSkill7i.png Sonic Blade


ElSkill3i.png Rolling Smash
ElSkill4.png Counter Attack


Wind Slicer1.png Wind Slicer
ElSkill14i.png Warrior Physique
Counter Patience.png Counter Patience
Lock.gifLv60Book.png Camilla's Secret Manual (Expert) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Expert Training Skill Quest or Item Mall.

LKTransNEW.png Transcendence

Transcendence Advancement

Upon reaching Lv70, you will be able to Transcend. To receive the Transcendence quest, click on the job change notification located below the map select.
Transcendence can also be obtained by using the Cash Shop item: Book of Transcendence: God's Will TransBook.png.

  1. Clear 3 dungeons within level range (excluding Ruben/Henir/Add's Energy Fusion Theory/Ereda/Sinister Intent/Gate of Darkness/Event Dungeon/Guild Expedition/Twisted Time and Space - Fahrmann's Peak).
  2. Collect 3 Symbols of Resolve from any Sander/Lanox/Elysion dungeon.
  3. Collect 3 Symbols of Determination from any Sander/Lanox/Elysion dungeon.
  4. Collect 1 Symbol of Purpose from any Secret Dungeon.
  5. Clear 5 Secret Dungeons.

You can advance into 3rd Job at Level 99.


Special Active

LKTrans1.png Sonic Blade: Crescent
LKTrans3.png Imperial Crusher
LKTrans6.png Grand Cross


LKTrans2.png Power Smash


LKTrans4.png Awakened Will: Lord Knight
TransShared.png Awakened One
Lock.gifTranscendant Skill Book I.png Forbidden Secret Manual (I) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Sealed Power Skill Quest or Item Mall.
LKTrans5.png God of War
Lock.gifForbidden Tome of Secrets II.png Forbidden Secret Manual (II) is needed to unlock this skill, available through the Power of Transcendence Skill Quest or Item Mall.


Full Gallery: Elsword/Gallery




  • As revealed in the 4th volume and Chung: Explosive Dimensions Chapter 1 of ElType as well as in Lord Knight's concept art, Elsword's advancement to Lord Knight has drastically changed his personality from a blunt hot-head to a serious character.
    • He grew from a blunt, hot-headed boy to a caring and pretty much worry-wart as show in Eltype S2 (Although this might just be Aisha's fantasy).
    • Although he had drastically grown up, Lord Knight still retains some of his humorous side as his way of showing off his power is shown in Eltype S3.
    • Lord Knight's concepts and his background stated that his feelings for Elesis is a kind of "complex" not mere admiration or fear.
  • Lord Knight's hair was designed with the concept that Elsword subconsciously looks up to Raven.
  • Lord Knight has two different Transcendence skill cutin, one where he holds a cape with the Velder crest and the other with his hand clenched in a fist.
    • It is unknown why his portraits depict him holding a cape since he is never seen wearing it in any canon material.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 로드 나이트 Lord Knight
Japanese Flag.png Japan ロードナイト Lord Knight
Flag-tw.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 領主騎士 Lord Knight
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 骑士领主 Lord of Knight
German Flag.png Germany Hoheritter High Knight
Spanish Flag.png Spain Gran caballero Great Knight
French Flag.png France Haut-chevalier High Knight
Italian Flag.png Italy Cavaliere Esperto Expert Knight
Polish Flag.png Poland Arcyrycerz Arch-Knight
English Flag.png United Kingdom High Knight
Thailand Flag.png Thailand อัศวินระดับสูง Lord Knight
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Lorde Lord

     Icon - Elsword.png Elsword (Knight)

Sword Knight
Magic Knight
Sheath Knight
Lord Knight
Rune Slayer
Infinity Sword
Icon - Knight Emperor.png
Knight Emperor
Icon - Rune Master.png
Rune Master
Icon - Immortal.png
     Icon - Aisha.png Aisha (Magician)

High Magician
Dark Magician
Battle Magician
Elemental Master
Void Princess
Dimension Witch
Icon - Aether Sage.png
Aether Sage
Icon - Oz Sorcerer.png
Oz Sorcerer
Icon - Metamorphy.png
     Icon - Rena.png Rena (Ranger)

Combat Ranger
Sniping Ranger
Trapping Ranger
Wind Sneaker
Grand Archer
Night Watcher
Icon - Anemos.png
Icon - Daybreaker.png
Icon - Twilight.png
     Icon - Raven.png Raven (Taker)

Sword Taker
Over Taker
Weapon Taker
Blade Master
Reckless Fist
Veteran Commander
Icon - Furious Blade.png
Furious Blade
Icon - Rage Hearts.png
Rage Hearts
Icon - Nova Imperator.png
Nova Imperator
     Icon - Eve.png Eve (Nasod)

Code: Exotic
Code: Architecture
Code: Electra
Code: Nemesis
Code: Empress
Code: Battle Seraph
Icon - Code Ultimate.png
Code: Ultimate
Icon - Code Esencia.png
Code: Esencia
Icon - Code Sariel.png
Code: Sariel
     Icon - Chung.png Chung (Guardian)

Fury Guardian
Shooting Guardian
Shooting Guardian
Shelling Guardian
Iron Paladin
Deadly Chaser
Tactical Trooper
Icon - Comet Crusader.png
Comet Crusader
Icon - Fatal Phantom.png
Fatal Phantom
Icon - Centurion.png
     Icon - Ara.png Ara (Little Xia)

Little Hsien
Little Devil
Little Specter
Sakra Devanam
Yama Raja
Icon - Apsara.png
Icon - Devi.png
Icon - Shakti.png
     Icon - Elesis.png Elesis (Free Knight)

Saber Knight
Pyro Knight
Dark Knight
Grand Master
Blazing Heart
Crimson Avenger
Icon - Empire Sword.png
Empire Sword
Icon - Flame Lord.png
Flame Lord
Icon - Bloody Queen.png
Bloody Queen
     Icon - Add.png Add (Tracer)

Psychic Tracer
Arc Tracer
Time Tracer
Lunatic Psyker
Diabolic Esper
Icon - Doom Bringer.png
Doom Bringer
Icon - Dominator.png
Icon - Mad Paradox.png
Mad Paradox
     Icon - LuCiel.png Lu/Ciel (Demons)

Royal Guard
Icon - Catastrophe (Timoria).png
Icon - Catastrophe (Abysser).png
Icon - Innocent (Ishtar).png
Icon - Innocent (Chevalier).png
Icon - Diangelion (Iblis).png
Icon - Diangelion (Anular).png
     Icon - Rose.png Rose (Gunner)

Heavy Barrel
Metal Heart
Storm Trooper
Crimson Rose
Icon - Tempest Burster.png
Tempest Burster
Icon - Black Massacre.png
Black Massacre
Icon - Minerva.png
Icon - Prime Operator.png
Prime Operator
     Icon - Ain.png Ain (God's Agent)

Lofty: Executor
Icon - Lofty Anpassen.png
Lofty: Anpassen
Lofty: Wanderer
Arme Thaumaturgy
Erbluhen Emotion
Icon - Richter.png
Icon - Bluhen.png
Icon - Herrscher.png
     Icon - Laby.png Laby (Mysterious Child)

Icon - Sparky Child.png
Sparky Child
Icon - Twinkle Child.png
Twinkle Child
Icon - Rusty Child.png
Rusty Child
Icon - Rumble Pumn.png
Rumble Pumn
Icon - Shining Romantica.png
Shining Romantica
Icon - Daydreamer.png
Icon - Eternity Winner.png
Eternity Winner
Icon - Radiant Soul.png
Radiant Soul
Icon - Nisha Labyrinth.png
Nisha Labyrinth

Gameboy224 (talk) 19:32, 28 November 2015 (CET)

  • Do you think it is at all possible you can make a version of the above but have the borders function properly? I tried but the borders mess up the rest of it when I try it.. No real big deal if you can't Gameboy224 (talk) 07:10, 30 November 2015 (UTC)

Elysion Boss Drops

I believe there should be some boss weapons for 10-2 and 10-3. I know Ara at least gets a weapon in 10-3. Could you find the images? Gameboy224 (talk) 04:44, 14 December 2015 (UTC)

  • I'll ask around the forum to see which goes where. I could change the image name to organize it later. Gameboy224 (talk) 05:28, 14 December 2015 (UTC)

Navigation SideBar
this isn't the real forums link
it brings me to this if i click Forms on the navigation Side bar, was wondering if you knew someone(or you) who could change that to the real forums (real forums)

  • i think your link is NA's official forum, we used to put the wiki's forum on the sidebar. i've called Boxsnake to ask Kenny (the webmaster of ElWiki) if wiki's forum was closed or just the link of it changed.

Re: Valentines Day event buff

hiya ice

if u mean the effects of Power of Love and Power of Engagement, it just the same effects of Baby Fairy Crandle (Elixir) and will removed if someone use another GoD elixir

-Salvatore Leone (talk) 23:37, 16 February 2016 (UTC)

  • Power of Love! and Power of Engagement! has the same effect: 3% HP recovery and 30 MP recovery. However, Power of Love! recovers every 10 seconds while Power of Engagement! recovers every 8 seconds. And yes, the icons are Status Event18.png (Love!) and Status Event19.png (Engagement!). Rokujou (talk) 02:44, 17 February 2016 (UTC)

-thx -IceSoulMOG (talk) 02:57, 17 February 2016 (UTC)

Dungeon and Hunting Field templates on main page.

Can you investigate what's wrong with them on the main page. The field menu seems to cause the dungeon menu to bug out. It is strange since it only occurs on the main page and no other page as far as I can tell. Gameboy224 (talk) 23:26, 13 March 2016 (UTC)

New datamined icons

Hey there mog, can I ask where you're getting the status effect icons / transformation cancel icon / b & c icons from? I was under the impression datamining wasnt possible right now because KoG changed the file encryption, did you get around it? ED Senne (talk) 12:54, 18 May 2016 (UTC)

Getting a few renders.

Can you see if you can find story quest dialogue images for, Berauk, King Nasod, Berthe, Avalanche, and Sirena. With the whole giving NPCs individual character page thinking of also including bosses with important story dialogue. Gameboy224 (talk) 07:27, 18 June 2016 (UTC)

  • I'll upload them today or tomorrow. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 11:00, 18 June 2016 (UTC)

Hover Images.

Do you think there is a way we could have hover images. If you have the computer mouse over it, the image changes. Gameboy224 (talk) 15:44, 17 August 2016 (UTC)

  • i'll ask someone for this. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 01:26, 18 August 2016 (UTC)


Can you see if you can give me a download link for the file? Gameboy224 (talk) 06:39, 9 September 2016 (UTC)

Do you have access to the KR client?

Was wondering if you could find the two new music tracks that came with the hot springs in KR. Gameboy224 (talk) 05:22, 1 October 2016 (UTC)

  • There are so many new bgm files. -0-...
Patch Info:

  • Since you're looking through KR's files, if you can post any new tracks, I'd much appreciate it. Gameboy224 (talk) 02:29, 13 July 2017 (UTC)

Infernal Blade defense ignore

On 12 November 2016, you edited Infernal Blade page and put note "Defense Ignore is always be 100% and only apply for 3 slashes."

So.. The defense ignore amount has no connection at all with the user's fire resistance?

Is this true and tested? Would like to see a way to prove this if possible 0w0. That way I can put my fire resist status elsewhere safely. Thanks! - Flandrean 13:38, 15 November 2016 (JST)

  • Yes, i tested it a few days ago. when i change the fire resist, the damage deal to Training Monkey is always be same with other monsters. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 05:14, 15 November 2016 (UTC)
  • iirc, Training Monkey PDEF and MDEF is 0 right? What's your fire resist when testing the damage against normal monsters? However now.. with maximization, the fluctuation of damge.. I am not really sure when testing it myself yesterday orz. Do you have 100% maximization set perhaps? O_O - Flandrean 15:41, 17 November 2016 (JST)
  • yes, training monkey's defense is 0. if you don't equip your weapon, maximize is not affecting the damage. i test with 250 fire resist (due to Body of Fire passive), and 450 fire resist. the damage is always be same when i hit training monkey or other monsters. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 09:23, 17 November 2016 (UTC)
  • Oh... there is that way... Never thought of that O.O. Thanks for the confirmation!! - Flandrean 17:50, 20 November 2016 (JST)

Re: The maps and dungeon loading image O.O

I didn't. For Lake Noahs and towns, I just cropped the top part out. For the world map, I just photoshopped the old map image you had over the banner part. Gameboy224 (talk) 06:15, 25 November 2016 (UTC)

  • Out of curiosity, do you have access to the super old Season 1 town menu images? Stuff like the ones in this video. [1] Gameboy224 (talk) 20:01, 29 November 2016 (UTC)
    • i cannot find it. it seems that the map has been removed from the game file. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 01:52, 30 November 2016 (UTC)

Re:two question of PvE and PvP details

We'll probably clear up a lot of the things once the tooltip separation hits KR later today. What we changed to Unlimited Blade is just from the example that KR's patch note gave us. We'll probably will separate stuff like Teleport when it comes. We will probably touch the skill traits when it hits NA. Gameboy224 (talk) 16:11, 28 December 2016 (UTC)

I updated the icons-images via IB's tag but...

...but seems the site didn't updated at all. I added the icons for Rose (and some for Luciel) for the avatar Yaksha (only red), Salvatore Ventus, Velder Imperial guard, and Evil Tracer S2. The problem is I can't see the new updated version of the images, I continue to see the old version. It's normal or...? Isn't the first time happen when I update the images and this make me sad. Have a nice day/night and sorry for the trouble. --ChibiValy (talk) 21:14, 6 January 2017 (UTC)

  • clear your browser cache and it's fine. i can see the new version. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 03:49, 7 January 2017 (UTC)

About Characters Template

Why not change this to this? The latter looks okay with only 1 Collapse option(?) LMNTRX (talk)

  • done -IceSoulMOG (talk) 02:31, 8 January 2017 (UTC)
    • it looks better now. Thank you LMNTRX (talk) 06:55, 8 January 2017 (UTC)

EE passive

I just put it there because i thought why you removed the kr name. Now i realise what you mean.

Status effects

hi, for future updates to skill pages and such, try to add status effects as status effects/(effect)| effect. just linking to a page that does not have any info on the debuff is kinda useless also.

Anpassen/Erbluhen's Skill References

  • Did someone from the official Chinese publisher confirm that the skill names are references to Pokemon? If it's not, then it would fall into the rule of not adding trivia referencing other games. I'm asking this because it may or may not be a coincidence. Rokujou (talk) 16:36, 7 February 2017 (UTC)
    • yes, i asked them because some of the translation words like "烈暴风", only be used in pokemon. and they answered me like that. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 00:36, 8 February 2017 (UTC)

Side menu bar translations.

hi, do you know which is the template to edit the side menu bars for translations? the menu on the left side where u can select characters.

  • this page? MediaWiki:NavSidebar/**(Language)/**(Navigation/Character/Town)

Heavy =/= slow

there was a different between those 2 slows, heavy only drop jump while slow drop speed and jump. Also making a new page for heavy with a img showing the bat clinging to the mob is fine.

status effects

we could just create another page for binding circle. the reason i did the extra stuff is to show how the debuff looks like ingame. like kill points have chains stuck to you while binding circle just circles.

new icons

those new icons for chung, did their trans portrait change also?


They completely updated Adams model and portrait. Think you can find his new portrait. Gameboy224 (talk) 16:14, 30 March 2017 (UTC)

  • i asked the staff of our publisher for Adams and Myu's new portrait, but they said they don't have it too. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 16:54, 30 March 2017 (UTC)

Mini Arma Typo for arma, the enhanced effect has a extremely minor typo. second should be seconds also, do you know where i could edit enhanced effects?

-You can change it in Template:SkillText. I've helped you change Arma's Enhanced effect. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 01:17, 16 June 2017 (UTC)

Transcendence Art

Curious. Where'd you find them? Gameboy224 (talk) 00:33, 20 June 2017 (UTC)

  • My friend found that an old software named "Game Assassin" could save the texture/model/image currently displayed in-game. We use it to save the image like icons, dungeon buttons, dungeon images, loading images, and also transcendence arts. The software cannot run in Windows 10, so I have to ask her to save these for me (she use Windows 7, and the software can run on it). -IceSoulMOG (talk) 01:22, 20 June 2017 (UTC)
    • The image that saved from it is same with what we extracted, but it's much difficult than before since the image we need must displayed in-game currently, and we cannot know the file name.
      • Can you give a link to the program? Google won't give me any hits, even if I put it in quotation marks.
    • I downloaded it, but I can't understand how to work it. Is there a tutorial somewhere?
      • see the readme folder
        • Couldn't get it to work, even with Compatibility Mode. I was going to use it to get the current icons of the El Tear Fragments I have, but it looks like that won't be possible.
          • I only know it can run on Windows 7, and cannot run on Windows 10. i cannot get it to work too. i think you can ask Meddle. i saw the icons he uploaded these days, i think maybe he uses the same way or has a better way. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 01:08, 17 July 2017 (UTC)

Elrianode Equipment

I've found a couple more Unique-grade El Tear Fragments on the Elsword forum. I've already linked to them on the talk page of the sandbox.

Trait update

  • Probably should hold off on updating it till it reaches other servers. Gameboy224 (talk) 03:25, 17 July 2017 (UTC)
    • okay

Prologue Images

You think it is possible to get the images used in Rose and Ain's prologue tutorials? Decided to update the tutorial pages with the images. As well as Aisha's (the images I found online were of her super old tutorial). Gameboy224 (talk) 09:48, 6 August 2017 (UTC)


Do you know how Ara's and Add's Spec. B are calculated? It's not shown on the Socketing Equipment page anywhere.

  • You can see them as a %, but I don't know how it calculates. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 01:18, 8 August 2017 (UTC)

All Skill Damage in Upbody

From TH Server

Where did you get the info about the 2nd line- 3rd job names?

Did you datamine the files or is it on their website?

  • Not 100% sure, I will confirm it on their website later.

About Finishing Slash

Where did you get the info about fixing an issue where it wouldn't hit Elsword? I don't see it on Babel.

  • Babel didn't translate the character revise part (fixing bugs or something else).
    • I see. Thanks.

High Quality Titles Images!

I've been quite curious for quite a while, how do you get titles in such high quality?! VarnimyrTitle8.png
They're furthermore without backgrounds too haha always wondered how you do it. - Lord Aurora (talk) 16:25, 16 November 2018 (GMT)

  • This title image is high quality in the game file (if I did not do something wrong). I just extracted it and uploaded it to the wiki. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 05:59, 17 November 2018 (UTC)

You Made An Error

You changed the duration of El Crystal Spectrum and not its cooldown. FlareKyn (talk) 09:19, 14 December 2018 (UTC)