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Research on Identifications for Items % value

Questions if I may, about the page content

 For example Critical Range
 0.5% - 5.5%
 6% - 50%      

??? I dont understand can someone explain.

can the identification value(%) be varied?

Ive been testing it on my glitter berserker Pants identification. Changing it a lot and I found

  • move speed 9%(got it 3 times, same value always..)
  • jump speed 9% (got it 2 times, same value always)
  • HP 9% (Numerical value 11565)
  • Resistance to All Attributes +15
  • Awk Charge Speed 3%
  • Physical dmg level +4.5

Glitter Berserker Gloves/Shoes (some data obtained from friends)

  • Damage Reduction 2% (always the same value 256)
  • Jump/Move Speed 6% (Always same value 768)
  • Additional Damage 2% (Always same)

Been circulating on these identifications a lot while looking for crit identification for these Equipments and no value change..

So.... Is there no value variations of identifications for specific item?

Because from my data, Tops & Bottoms are considered same group Identification Value. While Gloves & Shoes are in same group.

What are the rules and equations tho?

If anyone know, please enlighten me on this information. Any input is appreciated. Or perhaps link me to a website that has explanation for identifications.

I feel like I wasted lots of Time&Space Scroll for this Pants ugh...

PS: Ive also been re-identifying my PVP SSS rank white mantle (season 2?) a lot looking for crit identification to find out what is its valueand whether its constant.

(As ive seen before in Fred(Gytka) 's stream his mantle has 6% value critical iirc)

With this perhaps identification rule for accessories can be found out too

Greatly appreciates it if someone know whether this white mantle can get crit identification and its value(%).

I am desperately curious to understand this unexplained identification system. Sorry for long post

Flandrean 17:59 19th April 2016 (JP)

NA Modifier Name Stat Range
Critical Hit Rate 0.5% - 5.5%
6% - 50%
  • It means if you identify any value within 6% - 50%, the prefix of the item will always be "Brave". It doesn't mean that you can identify a random value from 5% to 50%.
  • Yes, there is not a value variation of identifications for specific item. KR's Item Identification Revamp in 04/07/2016 seems to have a value variation, but i didn't get much information for it. This revamp will be updated during 05/03 ~ 05/04 in other servers.
  • I think you can find out some rules or equations in these two pages.
  • The Champion's Cloak's identifiable stats are affected by the user's Arena rank. If both of the identify effect are critical and you get star rank, the cloak will have 6% critical.

-IceSoulMOG (talk) 09:31, 19 April 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for replying! I'm sorry but I still don't understand @@

what does "value within 6% - 50%" means or refers to? Is there even value of 50%..?

I'm sorry but im really confused on how to read it.

are "Courageous" and "Brave" different prefix for Critical Hit Rate?
Like, Critical Value within 0.5% - 50% = Courageous Prefix
While 6% Critical Value = Brave Prefix? Is that what it means?

Or maybe.. "6% - 50%" represents the chance of getting that prefix?

Apologies for my stupidity... - Flandrean 17:58 21 April 2016 (JP)

  • Yes, "Courageous" and "Brave" are different prefix for Critical Hit Rate.
  • If I have an A Weapon and a B Weapon. A Weapon's row 1 is 4% Critical, and B Weapon is 6% Critical. They will rename "Courageous A Weapon" and "Brave B Weapon".
  • We cannot get 50% stats temporarily, but if we get a C Weapon which can be identified 50% Critical in the future, it will still rename "Brave C Weapon".

-IceSoulMOG (talk) 09:49, 21 April 2016 (UTC)

Oooohhh~ I understand a lot now. Thank you!

  • Following that... doesnt that mean armors, which mostly only 3% below at most. can only become "Courageous" ?

To Sum it up..

  • What is randomized is not the % Value. But rather the identification type (Classified by what Status it increases on the first row)
  •  % Value of each status it increases, is pre-determined.
  • Re-identifying it will never change it's % value, as long as it is the same identification type. (Courageous A Boots gives +2% Crit, and the value will always be +2% Crit for all Courageous A Boots out there)

Did I get it right? -Flandrean 20:43 21 April 2016 (JP)

  • Yes, since most armors will not pass that number, they will only use the first modifier name. And you are correct. The percentages are not randomized until the April 7, 2016 KR patch. The values are all predetermined at a fixed number. Rokujou (talk) 13:56, 21 April 2016 (UTC)

Thanks for the confirmation~ For now I am satisfied with my questions _(:зゝ∠)_

  • So It seems there is going to be another revamp for items huh.. What a paiiin orz
  • KoG should really provide information on lots of their game mechanics

Once again thank you guys for answering me -Flandrean 16:38 22 April 2016 (JP)

Amethystine Prophecy All Skill Damage

I found an Amethystine Prophecy Gloves on the board that had a 0.5% All Skill Damage identification. FlareKyn (talk) 00:16, 2 December 2019 (EST)


Why are only the lowest obtainable values listed? Can't you include the highest obtainable values as well?