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Salvatore Profile2.jpg
Name Matroske(SD) and AxionXL(LP)
Class Sakra Devanam and Lunatic Psyker
Country Indonesia
Date of Registration ID = Since OBT later moved to INT server
EU = 19 July 2014
Which Server? INT and EU


Datamining From JP Server:

  • Aisha and Raven : 13 January 2016
  • Eve and Chung/Lacher : 27 January 2016
  • Ara and Elesis : 17 February 2016
  • Add and Lu/Ciel : 3 March 2016


My Character

Class ID Level PvP Rank Guild Profession
EMmini.png AlteraHaunt 79 RankSSS.png PlasMaGica Alchemist
DWminiNew.PNG DidaArhem 61 RankS.png lolitania No Proffession
SDmini.png Matroske 71 RankSSS.png No Guild Blacksmith
YRicon.png DevaYama 70 No Rank No Guild No Proffession
AsuraMini.png Verbesse 80 RankSSS.png EternalRealm Treasure Hunter
LPMini.png AxionXL 50 RankSS.png No Guild No Proffession
MMMini.png Telechesiss 70 RankS.png No Guild
DEMini.png GeminiXL 52 RankSS.png No Guild
DLMini.png ChiliArk 55 RankA.png No Guild
NobMini.png C75 57 RankC.png No Guild