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Makasih infonya. Terlalu keburu-buru, ternyata cuman separo doang update-nya. Untung cepet dibalikin. Ahahaa.

  • dilempar ke jurang*

Brutal Piercing

i know it's important, but the value of Lv. 8 is out-of-date after 05/15 KR patch. i try to understand how to calculate it with the new value but failed so can u fix it ?

Nope... i cant, only Psycho K know how to calculate the value... -Salvatore

Moving Pages

Hi. When you are moving the pages, is there a check box that says "Move subpages (up to 100)" ? If yes, can you click it and then move the names? Rokujou (talk) 23:18, 10 January 2015 (EST)

oh yeah i see but currently my language set to german so its maybe this : "Unterseiten verschieben (bis zu 100)" then i will check it soon ^^ -Salvatore

ok thx roku ^^


We have a different date of Reaper's discontinuation compared to CN, may I ask why would you include PH in the list, eventhough the dates are different? Do understand that it may cause confusion on the part of PH players.

Done and also i added date for Thailand ppl also

Have fun ^^


LuCiel ID Release Date

Hello! Can you put up the source for LuCiel's ID release date being June 24 on the ID Updates page? Rokujou (talk) 05:25, 10 June 2015 (EDT)

Re: About Luciel release in your server

The GM said that we will not update 9-3 and 9-4 this month. The pre-released event of luciel will be on June 26th like ID (see it in data068 and datai021). I think maybe only JP will not update luciel but 9-3 and 9-4 due to they have to find someone to be their voice actor. Just like last year, they released Add a month later than TW, NA, CN etc. IceSoulMOG (talk) 05:12, 11 June 2015 (EDT)

Re: KR Update stuff

some of them are from babel. and i also got some screenshots from the players who played in kr server. -IceSoulMOG (talk) 10:58, 6 August 2015 (CEST)