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Regal Paladin
Name Shironsaki
Class Regal Paladin
Weapon Wolf Cannon Combat :I


  • One of the very few active Admins of Elwiki.
  • Oversees recent changes to pages. Focuses more on character/job pages.
  • Plays KR server.

My Easy Access


Character Name Level Server
Icon - Bluhen.png 보호Regalia
[99] Korean Flag.png Solace
Unique Characters
Legendaries Others
BMmini.png Kenny

LKmini.png Lord Vengi

VPmini.png Lord Brun

BI Deadly Chaser.png Skymirror

CNmini.png Eve

CEMmini.png AShadow

CNmini.png Impious
TTBeserk2.png Da Prince-ss Kajin

HQ Shop Item 130524.png Ginseng

VPmini.png Conspire

BMmini.png Roii

Shironsaki2.jpg Shironsaki

AishaS13.png kuceez

RSmini.png BurntRamen

RFmini.png Mr.Shiza