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! Class          !! Level Required
! Class          !! Level Required
| [[Laby|Child]] || 1
| [[Laby|Mysterious Child]] || 1

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LabySkill2.png [Special Active: Tenacity] Laby's power to control her emotions only leaves positive memories in battle.
All attack power is increased and increases sentimental points over time during the buff's duration.
Final Enhanced Skill
  • Sentimental Point charging speed increased by 50%.


Class Level Required
Mysterious Child 1

Skill Information


Level Required Aurora (Physical) Inner Aurora MP Usage Cooldown
Physical / Magical Attack Increase Sentimental Point Gain Duration
1 1198% 10% 1 / 0.5s 20 Seconds 80 MP 5 Seconds
[Enhanced] 1 / 0.33s


Level Required Aurora (Physical) Inner Aurora
Physical / Magical Attack Increase Duration
1 285% 5% 10 Seconds

Skill Traits


Killing Blow (2) Inner Aurora Light Inner Aurora
Attribute Effect Physical / Magical Attack Increase Attribute Effect MP Usage
Skill effect's effectiveness increased by 30% 13% MP Usage decreased to 80% 64 MP


Killing Blow (2) Inner Aurora
Physical / Magical Attack Increase

Related Skills

Eternity Winner

RumblePumnPassive3.png Be Healthy

Radiant Soul

TwinkleChildPassive1.png You and I

Tips and Details

  • The Killing Blow (2) trait only affects the attack increase bonus and will not speed up the Sentimental Point charging.
  • As Rumble Pumn, this skill is affected by the Be Healthy passive.


Date Changes
01/31/2019 03/06/2019

Skill freeze duration reduced.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 이너 오로라 Inner Aurora
Japanese Flag.png Japan インナーオーロラ Inner Aurora

Mysterious Child Skills
Special Active
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LabySkill1.png BANGBANG     LabySkill5.png Andromeda!
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