Basic Physical Offense Training

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RPassive3.png [Passive] Increases Physical Attack power and Physical Defense power.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost at first Level SP Cost per Level
Sword Knight Lv. 20 15 0 3
Sheath Knight
Battle Magician
Combat Ranger
Trapping Ranger
Sword Taker
Code: Architecture
Fury Guardian
Little Hsien
Little Specter
Saber Knight
Dark Knight
Arc Tracer

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Physical Attack Power Physical Defense Power
1 15 +10 +3
2 +20 +6
3 16 +30 +9
4 19 +40 +12
5 22 +50 +15
6 25 +60 +18
7 28 +70 +21
8 31 +80 +24
9 34 +90 +27
10 37 +100 +30
11 40 +110 +33
12 43 +120 +36
13 46 +130 +39
14 49 +140 +42
15 52 +150 +45
16 55 +160 +48
17 58 +170 +51
18 61 +180 +54
19 64 +190 +57
20 (M) 67 +200 +60


Old Icon of Basic Physical Offense Training.
  • 06/27/2013 KR
  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • Removed from Elsword and Rena's Skill Tree.
  • 08/06/2015 KR
    • Removed from Aisha and Raven's Skill Tree.
  • 08/20/2015 KR
    • Removed from Eve and Chung's Skill Tree.
  • 09/03/2015 KR
    • Removed from Ara and Elesis's Skill Tree.
  • 09/24/2015 KR
    • Basic Physical Offense Training deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea  ?? Basic Strength Training
Japanese Flag.png Japan パワートレーニング Power Training
French Flag.png France Musculation de base Basic strenght training
English Flag.png United Kingdom Basic Strenght Training

Sword Knight Skills
Special Active
ElSkill14.png Spiral Blast     Mortal Blow.png Mortal Blow     ElSkill6i.png Double Slash
ElSkill12.png Kick     Impact Smash.png Impact Smash     ElSkill5i.png Armor Break
ElPass7.png Vitality     Auto Block.png Auto Guard
Sheath Knight Skills
Special Active
SwordFall.png Sword Fall     CresCut.png Crescent Cut     FinalStrike.png Final Strike
Sword Shield.png Sword Shield     Fatal Slap.png Fatal Slap     MirageSting2.png Mirage Sting
CruelSlayer.png Cruel Slayer     ISPassiveNew.png Sudden Strike
Battle Magician Skills
Special Active
MagicalMakeup.png Magical Makeup     SuperNova.png Super Nova     GuillotinePress2.png Guillotine Press     HeavyPress.png Heavy Press
EnergyRoad.png Energy Wave     EnergyDrain.png Energy Drain
SoS.png Power Aura
Fitness.png Fitness
Combat Ranger Skills
Special Active
Crecent Kick.png Crescent Kick     Spinning Kick.png Spinning Kick     TAI-HO-MING.png Dive Kick Bombing
Risingfalcon.png Rising Falcon     Low Kick.PNG Low Kick     Back Kick.png Back Kick     Assault Impact.png Assault Impact
Swift Kicks.png Swift Kicks
Trapping Ranger Skills
Special Active
Fatality.png Fatality     Humming Wind.png Humming Wind     Karma.png Karma
Explosiontrap.png Explosive Trap     Eldrasil's rage.png Eldrasil's Fury     Spike Trap.png Briar Trap     Evoke.png Evoke
Huntersability.png Hunter's Ability
Sword Taker Skills
Special Active
STSactive3.png Shockwave - Divider     STSactive1.png Berserker Blade     STSactive5.png Hypersonic Stab
Moment Slayer.PNG Finishing Slash     BleedingSlicer.png Fatal Wound     RArmorBreak.png Armor Crash
RavenNew14.png Fine Swordsmanship     STPassive6.png Victor's Dignity
Code: Architecture Skills
Special Active
CASActive1.png Heaven's Fist - Pressure     CASActive4.png Sonic Wave     CASActive5.png Surface Cutting     CAActive1.png Oberon Guard     Sweeper.png Heaven's Fist - Sweeper
FAINER.png Fayner
CAPassive3.png Queen's Potential     ElectronBooster.png Electron Accelerator
Fury Guardian Skills
Special Active
SI BURSTWOLF.png Burst Wolf     SI PANDEMONIUM.png Pandemonium     Brutal Swing.png Brutal Swing      SI LUNATICFURY.png Lunatic Fury
SI LEAPATTTACK.png Leap Attack     SI SUDDENBURSTER1.png Sudden Burster
SI METBOOST.png Metabolic Boost     SI RESISTFIP.png Elemental Training
Little Hsien Skills
Secret Art
DWaterfall.png Secret Dragon Arts : Blast
Special Active
WhiteTiger.png Fierce Tiger Strike     DoubleCollision.png Dragon Stance 3 : Eight Trigram Palm     ShiningLotus.png Fire Lotus     MoonlightSlash.png Dragon Stance 4 : Moonlight Slash     Supression.png Suppression
RockCrash.png Tiger Stance 1 : Rock Smash     Tigerclaw.png Tiger Stance 2 : Tiger Claw     Falling.png Fall     QuickAttack.png Quick Thrust
FilledPower..png Abundant Power
Little Specter Skills
Secret Art
NPoOHS.png Exorcism Arts : Night Parade of One Hundred Souls
Special Active
ALS 7.png Spell : Storm     ALS 6.png Exorcism Stance 2 : Specter Restraints     AA 3.png Spell : Thunder     ALS 5.png Exorcism Stance 4 : Darkness Sever     AA 6.png Suppression : Specter
ALS 1.png Phantom Fox Stance 1 : Savor     ALS 3.png Phantom Fox Stance 2 : Discordance     ALS 4.png Mana Drain     HeavenlyStrike.png Heavenly Strike
ALS 10P.png Assimilation
Saber Knight Skills
Special Active
Extinction.png Saber - Extinction       ELE8.png Critical Dive       Judgement-Drive.png Sword of Judgement
RS.png Rushing Sword       Power-Break .png Power Break       LeapC.png Leap
Chivalry.png Knight's Destiny       Agility-Mastery.png Enhanced Agility
Dark Knight Skills
Special Active
CAIcon7.png Ejection Buster       CAIcon6.png Brutal Cutter       CAIcon20.png Burning Phantom
CAIcon15.png Dark Wave       CAIcon14.png Injection Stigma       CAIcon16.png Shade Scratch
CAIcon19.png Dark Force       CAIcon3.png Revenge of Blood
Arc Tracer Skills
Special Active
At sa2.jpg Panzer Buster     At sa1.jpg Install - Drone Activator     At sa3.jpg Psionic Generator
At active1.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Rushing Drones     AddSkill18.png Dynamo Configuration - Pylons     Mm active1.jpg Dynamo Configuration - Fission Shot
AddPassive4.png Nasod Armor Mode - Transform     At passive.jpg Hidden Records
Chiliarch Skills
Special Active
LuCielSkill16.png Ruinous Impact     LuCielSkill13.png Dead Hands       LuCielSkill15.png Dark Crescent     LuCielSkill19.png Power of Oriax     LuCielSkill20.png Apollyon
LuCielSkill17.png Terror Chain     LuCielSkill18.png Ambush Attack
LuCielSkill12.png Creeping Terror     LuCielSkill22.png Communication - Amplification