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Korean Flag.png Korean Server American Flag.png North American Server
  • 01/06/2022 - 04/28/2022
  • 02/02/2022 - 05/24/2022

Furniture List

Image Name Furniture Effect
Furniture - Penthouse Golf Putting Mat.png
[Special] Penthouse Golf Putting Mat Stamina Recovery +10%
Furniture - Penthouse Stand.png
[Special] Penthouse Stand
Furniture - Penthouse Desk.png
[Special] Penthouse Desk Obtain Furniture Blessing Buff
Furniture - Penthouse Large Sofa.png
Penthouse Large Sofa N/A
Furniture - Penthouse Small Sofa.png
Penthouse Small Sofa
Furniture - Penthouse Sofa Table.png
Penthouse Sofa Table
Furniture - Penthouse Music Player.png
Penthouse Music Player
Furniture - Penthouse Playmat.png
Penthouse Playmat
Furniture - Penthouse Digital Picture Frame.png
Penthouse Digital Picture Frame
Furniture - Penthouse Refrigerator.png
Penthouse Refrigerator
Furniture - Penthouse Garbage Bin.png
Penthouse Garbage Bin
Furniture - Penthouse Partition.png
Penthouse Partition
Furniture - Penthouse Carpet.png
Penthouse Carpet
Furniture - Penthouse Flooring.png
Penthouse Flooring
Furniture - Large Penthouse Window.png
[Special] Large Penthouse Window Stamina Recovery +10%
Furniture - Penthouse Aquarium.png
[Special] Penthouse Aquarium Pet Affinity Increase +1%
Furniture - Penthouse Wall Lighting.png
Penthouse Wall Lighting N/A
Furniture - Penthouse Cup Rack.png
Penthouse Cup Rack
Furniture - Penthouse Wall Clock.png
Penthouse Wall Clock
Furniture - Penthouse Wallpaper.png
Penthouse Wallpaper
Furniture - Penthouse Lights.png
[Special] Penthouse Lights Pet Affinity Increase +1%

Related Items

Image Item Name Description
DIY - Penthouse.png DIY El House (Penthouse) An El House DIY that contains furniture from the Penthouse set.
DIY Key - Penthouse.png DIY El House Key (Penthouse) An item that can be exchanged for DIY El House (Penthouse) at Ariel. (Chinese server only)
Cube - Penthouse Golf Putting.png Custom Motion Cube (Penthouse Golf Putting)
Item - Penthouse Fishing Rod.png Penthouse Fishing Rod Allows you to use bait to catch fish.
Durability Reduce Rate Decrease +10%
Accessory - Penthouse Golf Cup.png Penthouse Golf Cup Costume Accessory (Top Piece):

Physical Attack +20
Magical Attack +20
Physical Defense +20
Magical Defense +20

Critical +2%
Damage Reduction +1%

Item - Penthouse Carpet.png Penthouse Carpet A material item obtained by dismantling Penthouse furniture items. 10 of these can be used to craft any furniture piece from Ariel.



Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 펜트하우스 Penthouse
Japanese Flag.png Japan ペントハウス Penthouse
Taiwanese Flag.png Taiwan (Traditional Chinese) 景觀大樓 ?
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 顶层公寓 Penthouse

El House Furniture

Furniture - Stacked Cardboard.png Cardboard

Furniture - Wooden Barrel.png Wooden

Furniture - Simple Sidetable.png Simple Modern


DIY El House.png Nobility

DIY - Starlight.png Starlight

DIY - Panda Office.png Panda Office

DIY - Warm Hibernation.png Snuggly Winter

DIY - City Pop Gaming Room.png City Pop Gaming Room

DIY - Space Life.png Space Life

DIY - Penthouse.png Penthouse

DIY - Angel's Rest.png Angel's Rest

DIY - Warm Summer Mansion.png Warm Summer Mansion


Furniture - Wooden Picture Frame (Elsword).png Wooden Picture Frame

DIY - Halloween.png 2020 Halloween

Furniture - Elrian Decoration.png Elrian