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Previous Wind Priestess
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Previous Wind Priestess

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A Wind Priestess from the distant past some time after the El Explosion.


Memory of the Curse

In the distant past, after the El had been shattered, the Wind Priestess who hid the knowledge of the Wind El's location within the Behemoth of Sander. Though the time was chaotic and raiders sacked villages constant in search of the missing El, the priestesses hid. Ruda was one such priestess, under the guidance of Lady Vayur. Ruda felt for the people of Sander constantly living in fear of the Calmahari bandits, though she accepted her mentor's decision to hide the El, she could not stand by and what her people suffer.

Ruda wandered the desert, encountering ruined villages, woeful that these tragedies will be lost to time. She pleads to her mentor to reveal the El's location to relieve the villages of attack, form bandits who believe their prosperity to be the work of the El. Though Lady Vayur sees through Ruda's naïve view, the bandits still seek their own personal gain, and the knowledge of the Wind El's location will only serve to put the Behemoth in danger instead of deter outsiders. Lady Vayur understands Ruda's sorrow but urges they must wait, for the day the Goddess once again looks upon them.

Ruda still unable to sit idly by, does what she can to fend off bandits and harpies alike. One day she fends of harpies attacking a village, but the damage had been done, and the villagers had decided to set off to parts unknown, hoping they'll find solace somewhere else. As the villagers felt, she wondered the outskirts and came upon one of the bandits. She cornered the young man while filled with anger, but what she sees is man in a sorry state, starving and desperate, searching for the El to find some semblance of hope. Ruda falls into sorrow, wondering why the Goddess would allow such tragedy to occur. She lost faith that the Goddess would one day look upon them again. Though she had given into her despair, she still decided to follow her master's wish, and waited, even beyond her death.

Start of the Case

Generations had passed, Ruda's spirit remained entombed in her ruins, filled with noting but her despair. Lithia and Mathi came upon her resting place and encountered the wraith created from her sorrow and grief. She had grown tired and lost hope, but still she waited, hoping the Goddess would give them one more chance. She lunges at Lithia and grabs her by the arm, transferring part of her spirit into Lithia in the form of a curse. The wraith was hoping to inject Lithia with her mana in the hopes of creating a vessel to become the next El Lady. Mathi repels the wraith and the two escape the ruins.

Though Lithia had moved on from the ruins, a part of Ruda's spirit followed Lithia through the curse imparted on her. This curse also allowed Lithia to tap into Ruda's mana, making her stronger. The following days, Ruda's influence would show itself in Lithia's dreams, becoming more and more vivid, until Lithia could experience Ruda's memories for herself.

When Lithia was dragged into the Rift, it was Ruda's spirit which protected Lithia's being in the chaotic realm, while the Society Member started to take a toll.

Curse in a Blessing in a Shackle

When Lithia arrived in Elrianode, one of her stops was to see the Restored El, in hopes of giving Ruda peace. Witnessing the radiance of the Large El, Ruda's spirit materialized before Lithia and Anduran. She speaks to Lady Vayur through Lithia, expressing her joy, as well as her own regrets. Lithia gives her comfort and allows Ruda to finally find peace with herself, disappearing before their eyes.


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South Korea 루다 Ruda

  • Lithia
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