Light Fishing Rod

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Light Fishing Rod
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Item Name
Light Fishing Rod
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Light Fishing Rod

An item needed to fish.
This fishing rod looks light, but sloppy. Can you actually catch fish with this?

Durability: 100%

Reselling price: 1,000,000 ED
Cannot Dismiss
Trade impossible.

Item Details

  • A Fishing Rod is required to participate in Fishing. It can be equipped from the fishing equipment menu, alongside reels, bobbers, and bait.
  • The durability of a Light Fishing Rod is significantly lower than that of a Sturdy Fishing Rod.

How to Obtain

Tips and Details

  • While this fishing rod is much cheaper than a Sturdy Fishing Rod, it also has to be repaired much more often. If you do not plan to do heavy amounts of fishing, then a Light Fishing Rod would suffice, however if you plan to use all of your daily Life Stamina on fishing, it's more convenient to invest in a Sturdy Fishing Rod for the long run.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 가벼운 낚싯대 Light Fishing Rod
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 轻盈的鱼竿 Light Fishing Rod
German Flag.png Germany Leichte Angel Light Fishing Rod
Spanish Flag.png Spain Caña ligera Light Fishing Rod
French Flag.png France Canne à pêche légère Light Fishing Rod
Italian Flag.png Italy Canna da pesca leggera Light Fishing Rod
Polish Flag.png Poland Lekka Wędka Light Fishing Rod

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