Light Steps

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GSI Footsteps.png [Passive] Moving Speed and Jump Speed increase every time ED is obtained.


Master GSP Requirement
Lv. 5 10 GSP

Skill Information

Skill Level Movement Speed/Jump Speed Increase Max Stacks
1 +0.5% 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 (M) 50

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 가벼운 발걸음
French Flag.png France Pas légers Light Steps

Guild Skills
Row 1
GSI LibofAng.png Unleash Anger     GSI Harmonic.png Awakened Spirit     GSI Teamcheer.png Comrade's Cheer      GSI MasterAlch.png Alchemy Specialist
Row 2
GSI MagicConcen.png Concentrated Mana     GSI Nature.png Nature Immersion     GSI Midas.png Hand of Midas     GSI Treasure.png Trace of Treasure
Row 3
GSI Saving.png Frugal Spirit     GSI Footsteps.png Light Steps     GSI Revchance.png Critical Counter     GSI Infstr.png Blessed Recovery
Row 4
GSI Balanced.png Powerful Physique     GSI Hunter.png Hunter's Instinct     GSI herosacri.png Hero's Sacrifice     GSI Concentrate.png Risk Management