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This documentation is transcluded from Doc:Template:Damage.


This template is used for the Total Damage section on skill pages in order to avoid hardcoding mathematical formulas and make variables shorter, simply composing them based on the arguments provided. You can also easily edit the generated variables afterwards.


  • dmg, pvp_dmg - specifies damage values
  • awk_dmg, pvp_awk_dmg - in Awakening Mode
  • hits - specifies maximum hit counts. If not provided, defaults to 1 for all damage effects.
  • count - used for skills like Clementine or Enough Mineral. Generates 2 variable types: each_damage and total_damage
  • awk_hits - in Awakening Mode
  • avg_hits - specifies average hit counts
  • avg_awk_hits - in Awakening Mode
  • hits_useful - specifies maximum hit counts with the Useful trait
  • awk_hits_useful - in Awakening Mode
  • avg_hits_useful - specifies average hit counts with the Useful trait
  • avg_awk_hits_useful - in Awakening Mode
  • useful_penalty - specifies damage decrease from the Useful trait in 0.value format, e.g. 0.75
  • heavy - if provided with a value, enables Heavy trait
  • enhanced - if provided with a value, enables Enhanced trait
  • empowered - if true, enables Empowered trait with the standard 1.2x damage increase. It can also take another value that replaces the standard one
  • passive[n] - enables the nth passive variables, please specify with the exact passive skill's name. If more than one provided, combined variables will also be created, i.e. passive1_passive2 (max 3).
  • format - enables pretty-printing of the numbers (applies % sign and {{formatnum:}}). Enabled by default, you can provide false to disable it. In order to tamper with single variables, I recommend using Template:Num that converts them back to numbers.
  • dump - if true, write out the generated variables. Useful when debugging, off by default. Warning: disables the variables from generating.
  • prefix - if specified, appends the provided string to every output variable. Useful when dealing with skills like Heaven's Fist - Pressure or Ex-S Viper.
  • range_min, range_max - applies a damage increase to all values and moves them to separate variables. If the value is different between PvE and PvP, provide the PvP value after a comma. If range_min not specified, the minimum value will be the base total damage.
    • Variables created:
      • min_total_damage[...]
      • max_total_damage[...]
      • range_total_damage[...] - displays both minimum and maximum total damage separated with a "~", ex. 17,342% ~ 23,234%
    • Can behave in two different ways.
      • By default, it's considered that only numbers are provided. This will work exactly as expected (damage value multiplied by min/max damage increase).
      • With range_min_count or range_max_count specified. Value provided for this parameter is the damage increase per stage. This is intended for things like Sentimental Point System, where the character increases their damage depending on points consumed. The value of this parameter needs to have 100% subtracted to work as intended (ex. 15%/1.15x damage increase per stage = the value should be 0.15).
        • The helping parameters specify how many available points should be used.
    • This argument is separated to min/max due to some skills being able to recover points on cast, and then consume them immediately, making some of the damage buff unavoidable.


  • The generated variables always follow this order in their names: prefix → range/min/max → damage type → awk if awakening (empty if not) → trait → passives → game mode (empty if dungeon), e.g. {{#var: range_total_damage_awk_empowered_passive1_passive2_pvp}}
  • When providing Useful trait and Awakening values, the values that don't change in relation to the hits or avg_hits parameter can be provided as empty, i.e. |hits=3, 10, 2|awk_hits=5,, 3 resulting in the same output as typing |hits=3, 10, 2|awk_hits=5, 10, 3.

What works and what doesn't[edit]

  • You can provide however many damage parts you want. The {{#var: total_damage}} and {{#var: total_damage_pvp}} variables will be composed automatically.
    • Count will not work with Useful or Awakening Mode.
    • You can't specify separate hit counts for PvP in one template call. This is a thing for too small amount of skills (e.g. Lightning Shower) and wasn't worth implementing. Can get around it using the prefix argument.
  • Damage range only works with damage buffs, not when hit counts are changed.
  • This template automatically rounds values to the second decimal place, so no need to worry about it.

Example usage[edit]

|dmg=845, 232
|pvp_dmg=272, 74
|hits=1, 25
|passive1=ECP System
{| cellpadding="5" border="1" style="border-collapse: collapse; text-align: center"
|- style="background:{{ColorSel|CharLight|Rose}}"
! rowspan=3 | Mode !! colspan=4 | Regular
|- style="background:{{ColorSel|CharLight|Rose}}"
! colspan=2 | Normal !! colspan=2 | [[ECP System|Over Strike]]
|- style="background:{{ColorSel|CharLight|Rose}}"
! Normal !! Heavy !! Normal !! Heavy
! {{PvE}} 
| {{#var: total_damage}}
| {{#var: total_damage_heavy}}
| {{#var: total_damage_passive1}}
| {{#var: total_damage_heavy_passive1}}
! {{PvP}} 
| {{#var: total_damage_pvp}}
| {{#var: total_damage_heavy_pvp}}
| {{#var: total_damage_passive1_pvp}}
| {{#var: total_damage_heavy_passive1_pvp}}


Mode Regular
Normal Over Strike
Normal Heavy Normal Heavy
PvE 6,645% 9,568.8% 7,974% 11,482.56%
PvP 2,122% 3,055.68% 2,546.4% 3,666.82%