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IceSoulMOG (talkcontribs)

The debuffs from El Shards are different from the normal burn, poison, freeze, and conviction debuff. They also have their own pages (Status Effects/Burning, Status Effects/Freezing etc). So i think it's better to use their unique unused icons to prevent confusion.

Bluhen (talkcontribs)

Ohhhhhh I didn't know they were different! Hmm, but if the icons are unused I don't think they should be used in the Se template though... Now that we can disable the icon with "icon=no", I think it would be better to just add the Se templates with links to the correct pages like you said, but disabling the icon. So that ppl know that the status effect has no icon in game too

Bluhen (talkcontribs)

The unused icons can be kept in the galleries though, just like you've been adding them recently in other cases!

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