Weaken Aura

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SI Abundanceofenergy.png [Passive] Wisdom Aura can decrease the Magical Defense of any opponent within range and Power Aura can decrease their Physical Defense.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost per Level Alternative
Elemental Master Lv. 20 50 4 Divine Aura

Skill Information

Skill Level Required Level Physical Defense Debuff Magical Defense Debuff
1 50 5%
2 6.9%
3 53 8.8%
4 57 10.6%
5 61 12.5%
6 65 14.4%
7 69 16.3%
8 73 18.2%
9 77 20%
10 81 21.9%

Tips and Details

  • Enemies under the effects of the debuff are marked with:
  • Magic/Power De-Buff very effective to debuff Magic-Defense Buffed mobs in Luto Hell mode (as these mobs will typically take only 1 damage from most attacks your party members can send off) or bosses (as they have exceptionally high HP).
  • This is the only passive that debuffs your opponent while using buffs.


Date Changes
05/15/2014 -
  • Defense Decrease counts reduced.
02/05/2015 -
  • Defense Decrease counts increased.
08/06/2015 -
  • Weaken Aura deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 약화의 기운 Discouraging Aura
Flag-us.png North America Abundance of Energy (before the Skill Tree Revamp)
French Flag.png France Énergie affaiblissante Weakening energy
English Flag.png United Kingdom Debilitating Energy

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