Awakened Will: Optimus

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OptTrans4.png [Passive] Modify the Automatic Pistol, Mechs, and the G System.

Bullets from the Automatic Pistol will pierce through the enemy and ignore guard. Increase the attack speed of [­RX-78 Land Runner­], [­Air Mecha : Gale Force­] [­Ez-8 Count Down­], [­G-0 Battleroid­] and increase all G Transform mode skills' maximize, critical, and critical damage.


Class Level Required
Optimus : Transcendent 70

Skill Information


Skill Level Level Required Auto-Gun
Penetration Increase
Mecha Attack
Speed Increase
G Transform Mode Skill
Maximize Increase Critical Rate Increase Critical Damage Increase
1 70 +1 20% +20%

Affected Combos

Jamming Metal Heart Optimus
AGIcon.pngXXXXXX ZZZX(XxxxxX) (→→↑X)ZZ
AGIcon.png→→X (XX)↓X
AGIcon.pngX (→→X)XXHold

Tips and Details

  • While a G-Transform Mode Skill is active and its hits are critical, the hits of different skills damaging enemies that are performed at the same time as critical hits of the G-Transform Mode Skill will also appear critical.


Date Changes
08/25/2016 09/28/2016
  • Awakened Will: Optimus added.
04/27/2017 -
  • Maximize Increase decreased.
  • Critical Rate Increase decreased.
  • Critical Damage Increase decreased.
08/24/2017 -
  • Tooltip improved.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 해방된 의지 : 옵티머스 Liberated Will: Optimus
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 解放的意志:魂之主宰 Liberated Will: Dominator of Soul

Optimus Skills
Hyper Active
OptHA.png Mecha Volt MX
Special Active
OptSActive1.png G-0 Battleroid     OptSActive2.png G-1 Corona     OptSActive3.png G-4 Frisbee     OptSActive4.png G-2 Rolling Thunder     MagneticGenerator.png Magnetic Generator     OptTrans1.png EX-C Viper     OptTrans3.png G-EX Ancient Buster     OptTrans6.png Armored Tempest
OptActive1.png Magnetic Guard     OptActive2.png G-3 Raptor     OptTrans2.png Focused Strike!
OptPassive1.png G-Extension     OptPassive2.png Mecha Generator     OptPassive3.png G-Mastery     OptTrans4.png Awakened Will: Optimus     TransShared.png Awakened One     OptTrans5.png Sub Mech Revolution