Basic Magical Offense Training

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RPassive4.png [Passive] Increases Magical Attack power and Magic Defense power.


Class Master Level Required SP Cost at first Level SP Cost per Level
Magic Knight Lv. 20 15 0 3
Sniping Ranger
High Magician
Dark Magician
Over Taker
Weapon Taker
Code: Exotic
Code: Electra
Shooting Guardian
Shelling Guardian
Little Devil
Pyro Knight
Psychic Tracer
Time Tracer
Royal Guard

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Magic Attack Power Magic Defense Power
1 15 +10 +3
2 +20 +6
3 16 +30 +9
4 19 +40 +12
5 22 +50 +15
6 25 +60 +18
7 28 +70 +21
8 31 +80 +24
9 34 +90 +27
10 37 +100 +30
11 40 +110 +33
12 43 +120 +36
13 46 +130 +39
14 49 +140 +42
15 52 +150 +45
16 55 +160 +48
17 58 +170 +51
18 61 +180 +54
19 64 +190 +57
20 (M) 67 +200 +60


  • 06/27/2013 KR
  • 07/23/2015 KR
    • Removed from Elsword and Rena's Skill Tree.
  • 08/06/2015 KR
    • Removed from Aisha and Raven's Skill Tree.
  • 08/20/2015 KR
    • Removed from Eve and Chung's Skill Tree.
  • 09/03/2015 KR
    • Removed from Ara and Elesis's Skill Tree.
  • 09/24/2015 KR
    • Basic Magical Offense Training deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 기초 마법수련 Basic Magic Training
Japanese Flag.png Japan マジックトレーニング Magic Training
French Flag.png France Entraînement magique de base Basic Magic training
Italian Flag.png Italy Allenamento di magia elementare Elementary Magic traning
English Flag.png United Kingdom Elementary Magic Training
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Treinamento Mágico Básico Basic Magical Training

Magic Knight Skills
Special Active
ElSkill11.png Rising Slash     ElSkill7.png Wind Blade     ElSkill15.png Storm Blade
ElSkill13i.png Explosive Fist     Wavesword.png Sword Wave     Critical Sword.png Critical Sword
RPassive4.png Thinking Outside the Box     ElSkill11i.png Magic Chain
High Magician Skills
Special Active
AishaS30.png Magic Missile     SI Meteorshower.png Meteor Shower     AishaS9.png Blizzard Shower     ChainLightning.png Chain Lightning
FireRoad.png Flame Wave     AishaS5.png Meditation
SoK.png Wisdom Aura
AishaS1.png Fireball Mastery
Dark Magician Skills
Special Active
DarkCloud.png Poisonous Cloud     AishaS10.png Aging     AishaS2.png Death Field     AishaS23.png Hell Stone
DarkRoad.png Dark Wave     AishaS13.png Mana Steal
SOA.png Acceleration Aura
Gravity Ball Research.png Gravity Ball Investigation
Sniping Ranger Skills
Special Active
Guide Arrow.png Guided Arrow     Wind Ward.png Wind Wall     Crazy Shot.png Crazy Shot
Arch shot.png Arc Shot     GAActiveNew.png Hunter's Steadiness     Shooting Magnum.png Shooting Magnum     Rapid Shot.png Rapid Shot
Hawkeye.png Hawkeye
Over Taker Skills
Special Active
Valkyrie Javelin.png Valkyrie's Javelin     Chragebolt.png Charged Bolt     Guardianstrike.png Guardian Strike
HellDive.png Hell Dive     RavenNew1.png Mega Drill Break     Weaponbreaker.png Weapon Crash
RFpassive1.PNG Burning Nasod Hand     STPassive6.png Victor's Confidence
Weapon Taker Skills
Special Active
HarpSpear.png Harpoon Spear     RevCannon.png Revolver Cannon     HellGat.png Hellfire Gatling
WTactive1.png Haze Explosion     NapalmGrenade.png Napalm Grenade     RArmorBreak.png Mental Crash
MercenaryBehavior.png Mercenary Behavior     Hard Fighter.png Veteran
Code: Exotic Skills
Special Active
Queen's Throne.PNG Queen's Throne     Explosion Impact.PNG Explosion Impact     Hornet Sting.PNG Hornet Sting     Atomic Blaster.PNG Atomic Blaster     Generate Blackhole.PNG Generate Black Hole
Metal Dust.PNG Metal Dust Aura
Elegant Steps.PNG Graceful Step     SI Concenofenergy.PNG Concentration Aura
Code: Electra Skills
Special Active
SweepRolling.png Sweep Rolling     PhotonFlare.png Photon Flare      Kugelblitz.png Kugel Blitz     ParticleRay.png Particle Ray     GigaStream.png Giga Stream
SpectroElCrystal.png El Crystal Spectrum
SpectrumDynamics.png Spectrum Dynamics     PhotonBooster.png Photon Booster
Shooting Guardian Skills
Special Active
SI DUALBUSTER.png Dual Buster     SI POCALADBOLG.png Sharpshooter Syndrome     DeadlyShot.png Deadly Shot     AS Quantum Ballista.png Artillery Strike - Quantum Ballista
SI HEADSHOT.png Head Shot     SI LEGSHOT.png Trick Shot
SI RemodelRifle.PNG Remodel Rifle     SI RemodelMag.PNG Remodel Magazine
Shelling Guardian Skills
Special Active
BigBangStream.png Big Bang Stream     DreadChase.png Dread Chase     IDetonation.png Impact Detonation      ChaosCannon.png Chaos Cannon
EB Hand Grenade.png Elastic Bomb - Hand Grenade     Magnum Shot.png Magnum Shot
ConvertedWarhead.png Modified Warhead     Reload.png Reload Mastery
Little Devil Skills
Secret Art
WSS.png Secret Wolf Arts : Killing Howl
Special Active
HellofTornado.png Infernal Circle       WolfSpear2.png Wolf Stance 4 : Wolf Fang       WaveEnergy.png Energy Wave       SpearPrison.png Rakshasa Stance 3 : Spear Prison       EnergySuppress.png Suppression Energy
WolfClaw.png Wolf Stance 3 : Wolf Claw       StealSoul.png Rakshasa Stance 1 : Soul Reaping       HPSteal.png Life Swap      ForceSpear2.png Force Spear
YRPassive2.png Spirit Enhancement
Pyro Knight Skills
Special Active
BigBurst.png Sword Fire       ELE9.png Scaldic Sword       InfernalBlade.png Infernal Blade
FFist.png Explosive Fist       IOF.png Avatar of Fire       ELE5.png Fireplay
BoF.png Body of Fire       ConMas.png Enhanced Concentration
Psychic Tracer Skills
Special Active
AddSkill12.png Quake Buster     AddSkill10.png Pulse Cannon     AddSkill13.png Stasis Field
AddSkill17.png Dynamo Configuration - Dissolver     AddSkill18.png Dynamo Configuration - Pylons     AddSkill16.png Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron
AddPassive4.png Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear     AddPassive6.png Particle Storm
Time Tracer Skills
Special Active
DESkill6.png Gravity Buster     DESkill4.png Reverse Circle     TiTSkill7.png Stardust Shower
TiTSkill4.png Dynamo Configuration - Space Crack     AddSkill18.png Dynamo Configuration - Pylons
TiTSkill5.png Seal of Time
TiTSkill1.png Nasod Armor Mode - Overlimit     DESkill12.png Time Control
Royal Guard Skills
Special Active
Royalguard1.png Death Sentence of Marbas     Royalguard5.png Soul Extortion       Royalguard7.png Demonic Breath     Royalguard2.png Fantasy Impromptu - 1st Movement     Royalguard6.png Eschaton
Royalguard9.png Trigger - Soul Eruption     Noblesse10.png Shadow
Royalguard3.png Soul Collector     Royalguard8.png Communication - Restoration