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This page features an Epic NPC, they are not playable nor can they be unlocked. More info can be found here.
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Code Nemesis
Name Code Q-PROTO_00
Class Code Nemesis
- Scanning Database –

"Hello, I am the Ancient Nasod type Code: Q-PROTO_00. According to my data analysis, you are no threat to me."

Code Q-PROTO_00

Latar Belakang

Code: Q-Prototype terkenal sebagai salah satu Drone Prototype Nasod Kuno yang paling kuat. Dia gagal menciptakan emosi kemanusiaan, dan untuk menutupi kekurangan tersebut, dia meningkatkan seluruh kemampuannya, menjadikannya sebagai salah satu petarung Nasod terkuat di seluruh Elrios. Dia memiliki potensi untuk melakukan segala nya seorang diri dengan meng-install berbagai sumber data untuk melengkapi kemampuannya. Dia memiliki kemampuan untuk memaksimalkan kemampuan bertarungnnya dengan menghancurkan ribuan lawan dan melenyapkan mereka semua!

Modifikasi Combo

Q-PROTO_00 memliki akses pada semua basic attack Code Nemesis, dengan modifikasi berikut:

  1. >>Z range is extended
  2. Able to use a modified ZZZ loop (Hits faster, and hits are directly more forwards to take advantage of Queen's Throne).
  3. Can use a modified version of the last two hits of XX>XX that skip the Electron Ball steps. Can be activated very quickly, and is often used to break melee combos that Q-PROTO_00 is stuck in.


Class: CodeNemesis

Rank: S++(EU)SSS(KR)

Difficulty: ★★★★★


Icon Title Type Discovery Obtain Stats
Title 20240.png Souless Ego Special Title Bunuh Code Q-Proto_00 (Code Nemesis Epic NPC) once in PVP Bunuh Q-Proto_00 75 times in PVP Physical Defense -200
Magical Defense -200
Awakening Charge Speed +20%
Max HP -50%
Max MP -33%
Basic Job Actives +4
Basic Job 100 MP tier Skills +4
Basic Job 200 MP tier Skills +4
1st Job Actives +3
1st Job 100 MP tier Skills +3
1st Job 200 MP tier Skills +3
2nd Job Actives +2[1]
2nd Job 100 MP tier Skills +2
2nd 200 MP tier Skills +2


Icon Skill Type Cooldown Description Special Effects
Increased Mana Regeneration
Seperti halnya NPC lainnya, Q-PROTO_00 benefits from a heightened mana regeneration rate. All NPCs will have an extremely fast passive mana regeneration rate, and will also receive bonus MP when either hitting or being hit by players. Because of this passive, NPC skills are bound only by cooldown and not by their MP cost. Furthermore, NPCs can mana break combos at virtually any time.
Special Active
Q-PROTO_00 unleashes a mighty roar that manifests itself as a blue aura that rapidly travels across the entire map. This skill will instantly take away 33% of your HP and 400 MP upon contact. Will hit the entire map, but can be dodged with a well-timed special active. Q-PROTO_00 will only use this skill if you have been outside of her vision for a long time (prevents charging MP off-screen).
Permanent Awakening
Code Q-PROTO_00 is under a constant state of awakening from the very start of the match. Iron Scraps and Generate Black Hole are made stronger by Q-PROTO_00's awakening.
Queen's Throne.PNG
Queen's Throne
Code Q-PROTO_00 constantly has Queen's Throne activated by default. Each hit of Q-PROTO_00's Queen's Throne will not reduce Proto's MP. Furthermore, they will actually contribute to her ability to gather MP, giving her one of the most MP-productive combos of all NPCs.
3 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 becomes invisible for 4.5 seconds. Q-PROTO_00 has super armor during activation of Cloaking, and can rapidly activate it mid-combo, permitting reversals. Queen's Throne and Metal Dust Aura is still visible while Q-PROTO_00 has cloaking activated.
Metal Dust.PNG
Metal Dust Aura
20 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 summons a number of metal fragments that swirl around her, doing constant DOT damage. This skill enables Q-PROTO_00 to escape delay if she manages to hit a target with it during delay. Q-PROTO_00 will almost always have this skill activated.
Mega Electronball.PNG
Mega Electronball
4 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 shoots a gigantic Electron Ball. Tidak seperti Mega Electron Ball yang biasanya, Q-PROTO_00 tidak perlu untuk mengisi skill ini sebelum menggunakannya.
Spear Burst.PNG
Spear Field
10 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 rises in the air slightly, summoning a volley of dozens of spears to protrude from the ground all around her. Has a significant duration; Q-PROTO_00 has super armor during the duration of this entire skill. Also has significant range, similar to that of Rising Slash. Each spear has a heavy hitstun, and will lock you within the field if you are hit.
Hornet Sting.PNG
Hornet's Sting - Explosion
Special Active
5 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 shoots an extremely fast missile that travels straight forward and explodes. Lebih kuat dibanding Hornet's Sting milik Code Exotic; meskipun, ini jarang digunakan dibanding Atomic Blaster.
Atomic Blaster.PNG
Atomic Blaster - Plasma Gun
Special Active
5 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 pulls out a machine gun and fires it repeatedly in an upwards arc. Frequently used as part of her combo, Q-PROTO_00 is capable of continuing to combo after Atomic Blaster.
Iron Scraps.PNG
Iron Scraps
Special Active
10 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 releases a flurry of minature stingers in a circular radius all around her. Weaker than Code Nemesis's version of Iron Scraps, but still strong enough to do very significant damage.
Junk Break.PNG
Junk Break
Special Active
30 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 summons a giant drill that burrows into the enemy, dealing heavy damage. A direct copy of Code Exotic's Junk Break.
Generate Blackhole.PNG
Generate Black Hole
Special Active
30 Seconds
Q-PROTO_00 summons an ancient piece of Nasod Technology that generates a Black Hole, sucking all opponents in while dealing massive magic damage. Has a greater range compared to Eve's Generate Black Hole. Note that this skill will always be of the awakened form, dealing repeated hits (and thus being counterable).


Icon Equipment Type Where to obtain Modifications
HQ Shop Eve ENS Base Hair.png Code: Nemesis Promotional Hair (Eve) Kostum Rambut Kostum Promosional Tidak ada modifikasi.
HQ Shop Eve Event UPBody04.png Nasod Battle Suit Top Piece (Eve) Kostum Bagian Atas Ice Burner Tidak ada modifikasi.
HQ Shop Eve Event LowBody04.png Nasod Battle Suit Bottom Piece (Eve) Kostum Bagian Bawah Ice Burner Tidak ada modifikasi.
HQ Shop Eve Event Hand04.png Nasod Battle Suit Gloves (Eve) Kostum Sarung Tangan Ice Burner Tidak ada modifikasi.
HQ Shop Eve Event Foot04.png Nasod Battle Suit Shoes (Eve) Kostum Sepatu Ice Burner Tidak ada modifikasi.
HQ Shop Eve Cash Weapon50.png ??? (Eve) Kostum Senjata ??? ???.
HQ Shop Eve AC Face2 130394.png Archangel Crown (Eve) Aksesoris (Mata) Ice Burner Teksture warna pink.
HQ Shop Eve AC Upbody 131014.png Nasod Battle Suit Jetpack (Eve) Aksesoris (Bagian Atas) Ice Burner Tidak ada modifikasi.
HQ Shop Common Cash AC Eve WEAPON 208210.png Mithril Angel Ring (Eve) Aksesoris (Senjata) Cash Shop Sedikit termodifikasi.
HQ Shop Eve Cash AC Eve Bracelet.png El Lord Bracelet (Eve) Aksesoris (Lengan) Cash Shop Sedikit termodifikasi.


Part of the Monster Trio of the NPCs (Valak, Edan and Q-PROTO_00), Q-PROTO_00 sports insane speed in all aspects of her play: incredibly fast movement and jump speed, short but dangerous combos that deal incredibly high damage thanks to her Queen's Throne passive, and ultra-damaging skills that are meant to blind-side you with no chance of mana break. Thanks to her mobility and her far reaching attacks and skills, Q-PROTO_00 can easily riddle the entire map with stingers and nasod weaponry, blocking out all avenues of approach. In addition to being the most mobile of all NPCs, she is also the best at hunting down players and taking them by surprise. Not only does she have access to Roar like all members of the Monster Trio, but she can also surprise with the extremely strong Generate Black Hole, or even an ultra-buffed version of Hornet's Sting that snipes you from right across the map.

To an inexperienced player, Q-PROTO_00's speed may be daunting. However, Q-PROTO_00's speed is also her weak point, as she tends to be recklessly aggressive at times. Specifically, Q-PROTO_00 tends to use the >>ZZZ loop a lot to catch, as well as a full three hits of ZZZ when she does not have a confirmed target in close quarters. During these attacks, Q-PROTO_00's back is completely open, permitting you to quickly step behind her and capitalize on this opportunity to combo. Since Q-PROTO_00 is able to respond to melee combos with her gear hit which often activates in combos, and since you'll likely be taking damage from Metal Dust Aura during her combos, the key focus of your combos should be to gather MP over dealing prolonged damage based combos. The bulk of your damage on PROTO should come from Special Actives in consideration of these aspects.

Q-PROTO_00's spam of Metal Dust Aura can be a mixed blessing; while it does make your combos on her a double-edged sword as you are forced to take damage, it quickly fills up your MP and awakening bars, permitting you to spam your strongest Special Actives with reckless abandon. Thanks to her MP passive, as with most NPCs, you are also able to use Special Actives that would normally give your opponent far too much MP to be worth the increased damage. For this reason, Metal Dust Aura can be extremely helpful when you are high on HP, but deadly when you are low on HP. It is imperative for you to avoid Q-PROTO_00's combos because of this: due to the fact that they hit hard and fast, it is unlikely you will have a chance to Mana Break before Q-PROTO_00 completes her combo. Regardless of her short combo chains, you still will be taking immense damage from them thanks to her Queen's Throne passive and Code Nemesis' naturally strong KD combos, which Q-PROTO_00 is particularly partial to.

In order to take full advantage of Q-PROTO_00's AI, it is important to keep her travelling linearly on a horizontal scale. Since she has a naturally aggressive AI with predictable approaches, work on a "bull-fighting" strategy - goad her into doing a >>ZZZ dash attack, or a ZZZ loop, and quickly V-Step behind her and combo. It is important that you minimize the amount of air-time against Q-Proto_00, because anything she can do in the air far surpasses any catches or set-ups that you may have: besides her incredibly ranged ^X which outclasses the vast majority of set-ups, Queen's Throne hits twice as opposed to once on aerial attacks, meaning she gets more damage in when you're in the air, and she also has the lethal Iron Scraps, which while she will rarely use when you are on the ground, will be spammed recklessly when you are in the air. Furthermore, Q-PROTO_00 has greater mobility in the air than any other character. Focus on your strongest ground-based catches and combos, as you will minimize her aerial advantages.

Finally, in terms of skills, the two major damaging skills of Q-PROTO_00 are Iron Scraps and Generate Black Hole. The former is absolutely lethal and must be avoided at all costs: as described above, minimizing air time is an effective strategy for preventing Iron Scraps from hitting you too much of the time. Generate Black Hole is a lesser threat because it still can be mana broken unlike Iron Scraps, which hits too fast for an effective Mana Break; but for this reason, it is important that you retain at least 50-75 MP at all times in case she uses the skill, so you can mana break immediately. While Junk Break and Hornet's Sting can also do significant damage, the former can be mana broken very easily because it hits so slowly, and the latter is rarely used. Atomic Blaster and Mega ElectronBball do deal some damage, but are generally not huge threats unless Q-PROTO_00 uses it as a combo chain tool (you shouldn't be in any combos by her due to her predictable AI anyway).

Avoid hitting Q-Proto while in the air at all costs. She tends to activate Iron Scraps a lot more when you are, and utterly abuses the ability to combo straight after.



  • Q-PROTO_00 was a testing program developed in the ancient war by Apple, the old Princess in charge of Q-PROTO_00's program, to test the viability of Queen's Throne as an ability.
    • For this reason, emotions were not installed in her, as she was only a testing program.
  • However, Q-PROTO_00 lost control before the battle, and the program was abandoned.
    • Apple is later revived, and senses the presence of Q-PROTO_00. Luring Q-PROTO_00 to the Nasod Core, she uses the power of El to shut Q-PROTO_00 down in an attempt to prevent her from going on a rampage.
    • The energy used by Apple results in an explosion large enough to wipe out the entire core, but also Apple's control over Q-PROTO_00.
  • Q-PROTO_00, under Apple's commands, later joins the arena along with Apple.
  • Eve later revives the ability of Queen's Throne, reactivating the extremely risky code in an attempt to make herself stronger.
    • To prevent this power from going out of control, Eve takes the cautionary step of reducing the power of Queen's Throne. As a result, Eve uses a modified and weaker version of Queen's Throne - only Code Q-PROTO_00 uses the true version of Queen's Throne in all of its glory.
    • Code Q-PROTO_00 is the hidden, untested code that Eve activates in her Exotic path.
  • Code Q-PROTO_00 wears the full Nasod Battle Suit set, a recolored Archangel Crown, recolored El Lord Bracelets and Mithril Angel Ring Weapon Costume (NA Item Mall).

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