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Aquarius card
The moon phase will stop at half moon.

Obtain the power of astrology that allows you to contain zodiacs into cards to use its power. Can use the [Circulation] system to enhance skills and use the [Aquarius] card.

Activate cards by pressing the special action key, then pressing the up/down/left/right arrow keys.

When [Aquarius] card is activated, the Aquarius symbol will form upon successful attack with a [Horoscope Skill].
Magical Attack Power will increase every time you gain an Aquarius symbol.

All Skills's physical damage will be converted to magical damage.


Class Level Required
Second Selection 15

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required  Self/Ally Pick-up BuffAquariusSelf/Ally Pick-up BuffAquarius
(On [Horoscope Skill] Hit)
Magical Attack Increase
This effect is multiplicative
to your current stats. 
Max Stacks Duration Stacks Lost After
Duration Expiration
Reactivation Cooldown
1 15 1% 10 15 seconds 3 0.2 seconds
2 31
3 39
4 83
1 15 0.5% 10 15 seconds 3 0.2 seconds
2 31
3 39
4 83

Related Skills

[Horoscope Skill]

Tips and Details

  • This passive locks you out of any other of the effects from Moonlight entirely, only allowing use of the Half Moon phase for both awakening and resurrecting. The gauge will no longer move when using skills.
  • Although [Circulation] is a Special Move, it is still counted as a skill that cannot be used during some disabling debuffs like  Self DebuffSilenceSelf DebuffSilence.
  • Symbols from any [Circulation] effect will only be created per actual skill hit, regardless of how many enemies are hit.
    • For example, hitting 5 enemies with Polaris will only produce 1 symbol, and hitting 4 enemies with Curtain Call will only produce 5.
    • Additionally, overlapping hits that occur too closely together such as the meteors and their explosion in Eye of Dawn or the individual dust clouds in Nebula will only produce one symbol as well.
  • The symbols can be picked up by other players as well, and will slowly home in on you or nearby players to allow them to be picked up more easily.
  • When Aquarius symbol overlaps multiple party members, it is given to them based on the order they were invited to the party.
  • Aquarius symbols do not travel to players in invincibility frames.
  • Aquarius symbols stay active for 8 seconds


  • Despite having multiple skill levels, the passive's effect does not increase with its skill level.



Date Changes
01/14/2021 02/10/2021
  • Horoscope added.
04/28/2022 05/25/2022
  • Doesn’t track targets with full stack.
01/05/2023 02/01/2023
  •  Self/Ally Pick-up BuffAquariusSelf/Ally Pick-up Buff'Aquarius' Stacks Lost After Duration decreased to 3.
  •  Self/Ally Pick-up BuffAquariusSelf/Ally Pick-up Buff'Aquarius' Max Stack decreased to 10.
  • None

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
South Korea 천궁도 Horoscope
Japan 天宮図 Horoscope
France Interprétation des étoiles Star Interpretation
Brazil Horóscopo Horoscope