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SB.png [Passive] Redirect Shadow Step by pressing the key again. Also throw 3 firebombs by pressing the X key during a Shadow Step.


Class Master Level Required Learning SP Cost Leveling SP Cost Alternative
Veteran Commander Lv 20 60 5 1 Overheat Mode Activated!

Skill Information

Skill Level Level Required Firebomb Explosion (Magical) Max Hits Backstep MP
Step Speed
1 60 186% 3 5 MP 500
2 200% 530
3 63 214% 560
4 67 228% 590
5 71 242% 620
6 75 256% 650
7 79 270% 680
8 83 284% 710

Tips and Details

  • Pressing the skill key again during a Shadow Step will reverse the direction. You can then press the skill key a final time to continue in the original direction. MP cost for Shadow Piercing will also decrease.
  • If the grenades do not come into contact with any targets, they will explode and light the area on fire, damaging anything within range.
  • The reverse Shadow Step's distance is considerably shorter than the forward version.
    • Keep in mind that altering the Shadow Strafe direction does not affect attack direction. You will attack the direction you're facing.
  • Any Skill Note affiliated with both Shadow Step and Shadow Piercing will still activate under the influence of Shadow Backslide.
  • Shadow Strafe's distance can be extended in it's original direction by quickly tapping the key twice after the original strafe is about to end. This causing Shadow Strafe to trigger the backwards dash quickly then into the last dash, allowing almost double the distance of a normal strafe.
  • While Shadow Backslide is activated, Shadow Step's icon will temporarily change to the Shadow Backslide icon.
  • Raven becomes vulnerable for an instant when switching between strafe directions.
  • Shadow Step's Skill Note does not affect Shadow Backslide.


Date Changes
11/07/2013 -
  • Explosion and flame radius increased.
  • Explosion and flame damage increased.
  • Flame duration increased.
  • SP requirement changed (Unlock 5 SP, Leveling 1 SP).
08/06/2015 -
  • Shadow Backslide deleted.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea ??? Shadow Backslide
French Flag.png France Danse des ombres Dance of Shadows
English Flag.png United Kingdom Shadow Step

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