2-1 Bosque Nocturno

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Esta página ha sido traducida del lado Inglés, que en sí es probablemente traducido del coreano. Por tanto, es muy posible que alguna información se puede cambiar (por ejemplo, nombres de personajes/habilidades/etc.), y algunos pueden no ser exactos.
Sin embargo, cuando la noticia se dará a conocer en el servidor español europeo/latinoaméricanos, la página se actualiza..
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Bosque Nocturno

Has entrado en el Bosque Nocturno,donde siempre parece ser la noche.
Un bosque de sombras lleno de energía oscura. Es un lugar prohibido para entrar.
Nivel recomendado
Nivel de objeto recomendado
Zonas de este escenario
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Imagen Descripción
NeoGhostMageFace.png Dark Magician - A roaming magician that can use magic.
TinySpiritFace.png Corrupted Spirit - A tiny ethereal forest spirit who will roll into you.
GiantSpiritFace.png Wrathful Dryad's Spirit - A giant ethereal forest spirit that will upper cut close by targets. His upper will have super armor.
FemaleSpiritFace.png Wrathful Dryad - A female looking ethereal forest spirit who will attack you with her hair.


Jefes intermedios
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Imagen Descripción Movimientos
NewKiraKiraFace.png Kira-Kira - An advanced version of the Ghost Magician. It can summon thunder and other sorts of powerful spells!

-Shadow Ball: The magician will charge then fire a gaseous dark cloud that moves in a linear fashion.
-Lightning Strike: The magician summons a bolt of lightning that strikes the targeted player, the strike deals several hits.
-Dark Explosion: The magician will charge his wand with dark energy and smack the area in front of him. }}

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Imagen Descripción Movimientos de jefe
EntFace.png Enraged Ent - An ancient tree made bitter, angry and sentient from a contaminated piece of El. Appears much more intimidating and buff compared to his predecessor.

-Double Swipe: The Ent will pull its arm back and swipes downward followed by and upward swipe with his other hand.
-Ground Pound: The Ent will pull both his arms back and and smash the ground full force.
-Shadow Ball: The Ent will shoot a gaseous dark cloud with loose homing properties.
-Root Attack: One of his strongest moves, he will summon many roots and branches that will continuously hit their victim pushing them away from the Ent. }}

Drops de JefeBGM
Image Name Boss Character Stats
Kira-Kira's Wand
Kira-Kira's Wand

Lv10 Wand:

Physical Attack +1253

Magical Attack +1253

[Unidentified * ?]

Critical +3%