Status Effects/Freeze

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Debuff Name
Status Type
Status 081.png
Max Stacks


Frozen enemies will be unable to move or attack for a certain amount of time.

The duration of Frozen can be reduced with Water Resistance.


Character Skills Enemy Skills
Skill Duration
Elemental Storm 2 seconds
Freezing Arrow 3 seconds
Freezing Arrow (Awakening) 5 seconds
Killing Blow (1) Freezing Arrow 3.9 seconds
Killing Blow (1) Freezing Arrow (Awakening) 6.5 seconds
G-18C Freezing Grenade 1 second
Killing Blow (1) G-18C Freezing Grenade 1.5 seconds
Blizzard Shower 3 seconds
Blizzard Shower (Awakening) 5 seconds
Killing Blow (1) Blizzard Shower 3.9 seconds
Killing Blow (1) Blizzard Shower (Awakening) 6.5 seconds
Fox Fire 3 seconds
[Enhanced] Fox Fire 4 seconds
Install - Zero Kelvin Generator 5 seconds
Killing Blow (2) Install - Zero Kelvin Generator 6.5 seconds
Pampero Booster 2 seconds per hit
Killing Blow (1) Pampero Booster 2.8 seconds per hit
Bohren · Vereisen 3 seconds
[Enhanced] Bohren · Vereisen 5 seconds
Satz Aurora 5 seconds
Enemy Attack Duration
Iz Ice Breath
Deep Abyss Berthe Ice Laser
Pet Skills
Pet Attack Duration
Miho Snow Slash Lv. 3 3 seconds
Arctic Hunter Peng Snow Shot Lv. 3 3 seconds
Sheriff You're Under Arrest Lv. 3 3 seconds
Item Duration
Water Orb 4 seconds


Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 빙결 Frozen
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 冰冻 Frozen