Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw

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Tigerclaw.png [Active] Perform a frontal spear swipe as sharp as a tiger.
Moves forward while slashing twice.
(Super Armor during use)
Energy Conversion
  • Gain 1 Energy by cancelling this skill

Tiger Arts

Final Enhanced Skill
  • Damage is increased by 1.2 times.


Class Level Required
Little Hsien 30

Skill Information


Characterl Level Damage (Physical) Spirit Energy MP Usage Cooldown
Marching Slash Spinning Slash Use Cancel
30 834% 166% 0 +1 30 MP 5 Seconds
[Enhanced] 1001% 199%


Level Required Damage (Physical)
Marching Slash Spinning Slash
30 317% 63%
[Enhanced] 380% 76%

Skill Traits

Empowered Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw Enhanced Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw
Attribute Effect Attribute Effect
Damage increased to 120% Critical Hit Rate increased to 100%
Damage decreased to 80%

Total Damage

Mode Regular Tiger Power
Normal Empowered Enhanced Normal Empowered Enhanced
Cancel Full Cancel Full Cancel Full Cancel Full Cancel Full Cancel Full
PvE 1,001% 1,200% 1,201.2% 1,440% 800.8% 960% 1,301.3% 1,560% 1,561.56% 1,872% 1,041.04% 1,248%
PvP 380% 456% 456% 547.2% 304% 364.8% 494% 592.8% 592.8% 711.36% 395.2% 474.24%

Related Skills

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Tips and Details

  • This skill is the 2nd part of Secret Tiger Art: Fierce Tiger.
  • Using this skill to extend combos in PvP is not recommended, since it takes some frames to connect after you've pressed the skill button and can possibly give the opponent a chance to escape.
  • This skill can also serve as one of Ara's approaches, and since this has Super Armor frames, effectively timing this skill can catch opponents off guard.


Date Changes
01/31/2013 -
  • This skill now activates 10% faster.
11/07/2013 -
  • Super Armor will still be active during the second claw attack.
  • Damage increased.
01/12/2017 -
  • Damage decreased.
04/27/2017 -
  • Damage increased.
  • None
08/24/2017 09/13/2017
  • Damage increased.
  • Spinning Slash damage increased.
  • Marching Slash damage decreased.
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Damage decreased.
  • Marching Slash damage increased.
  • Spinning Slash damage decreased.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 맹호 2식 : 호랑이 발톱 Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw
Japanese Flag.png Japan 猛虎二式:虎爪 Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 猛虎2式:虎爪 Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw
German Flag.png Germany Tiger, Schritt 2: Tigerkralle Tiger Step 2 : Tiger Claw
Spanish Flag.png Spain Tigre, paso 2: Garras de tigre Tiger Step 2 : Tiger Claws
French Flag.png France Tigre 2 : griffe du tigre Tiger 2 : Tiger Claw
Italian Flag.png Italy Tigre, passo 2: Artigli di Tigre Tiger Step 2 : Tiger Claws
Polish Flag.png Poland Tygrys 2: Szpon Tygrysa Tiger 2 : Tiger Claw
English Flag.png United Kingdom Tiger, Step 2 : Tiger Claw
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Postura do Tigre 2: Garra do Tigre Tiger Stance 2: Tiger Claw

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