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Skill Listings

Well then, I originally was just going to let those admins do the editing but since you kinda got rid of the NA tabs (Which had the NA names for some skills) I decided to take the slightly convoluted route. I made completely new pages with the updated skill listings and changed it so they show instead of the old skill listing. Gameboy224 (talk) 23:18, 20 June 2014 (PST)

About Too many expensive parser functions (Queen's Throne)

At the date you posted that question, I was firstly here, as an editor (I joined Elwiki maybe in May). At that time, most pages did not use templates and were badly structured -- maybe they want to avoid expensive parsers, but which makes things worse -- codes are harder to change, and things are not as flexible as today. Moreover, this results in lots of junk codes (e.g. every dungeon has lots of repeated, useless, ugly table structures, and they are repeated in all dungeon pages).

I tried my best in making templates, and simplify the code suckness. And, as the revision records, I edited Language navbox on August 2014, right after your post that. And (I think after the language navbox edited), I changed the <tabber> tags to Tabs to meet Kenny's desire to remove <tabber> extension from Elwiki.

And, the Language box and the <tabber> extension are the most source of expensive parser functions. Languages uses too many #ifexist to select from languages. Moreover, the tabber extension calls the id for tab switching, and an ID is considered "expensive". As a result, the page has lots of expensive functions.

I see. I understand most of it, thank you for the clarification.
Still, I'm not sure I understand one part: there is a desire to remove the <tabber> extension, and the Tab template substitutes it, but was <tabber> already removed or is the removal still in progress? And wouldn't creating a whole new template call for more expensive functions than just an ID call? - Naï (talk) 00:37, 3 January 2015 (EST)
When you asking, there is a desire, and now, it is moved. New template does not call for more expensive function. The problem is that: in Tabber extension, there is not only a simple ID call. It has its own rendering mechanics, and every time you use it, the extension will load Tabber.js once (If you use two tabbers in one page, this will be loaded two times). In this js file, there are lots of if/for statements, which are "expensive". Even if you do not use that function, the script also runs, or at least loaded into your cache.
I see, I understand. Thank you for clearing it up, I am glad it was moved then owo. -- Naï (talk) 10:54, 7 January 2015 (EST)