Aurora Mustika

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Korean Flag.png Korean Server Flag-us.png North American Server
  • 08/19/2021 - 11/11/2021
  • 02/09/2022 - 05/03/2022


Aurora Mustika
Character South Korea Japan Taiwan China North America International Europe
Elsword Yes No
Aisha Yes No
Rena Yes No
Raven Yes No
Eve Yes No
Chung Yes No
Ara Yes No
Elesis Yes No
Add Yes No
Lu Yes No
Ciel Yes No
Rose Yes No
Ain Yes No
Laby Yes No
Noah Yes No

Set List[edit]

Image Name Stats
[Aurora Mustika]
[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika Hair

Costume Hair:
Physical Attack +30
Magical Attack +30
Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

Action Speed 4%

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika Top Piece

Costume Top:
Physical Attack +40
Magical Attack +40

Maximize 4%

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika Bottom Piece

Costume Bottom:
Physical Attack +40
Magical Attack +40

Critical 4%

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika Gloves

Costume Gloves:
Physical Attack +30
Magical Attack +30
Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

Critical 2%
Maximize 2%
+5 Resistance to All Attributes

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika Shoes

Costume Shoes:
Physical Attack +30
Magical Attack +30
Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

Movement Speed 2%
Damage Reduction 2%

[Aurora Mustika]
[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika Weapon

Costume Weapon:
Physical Attack +200
Magical Attack +200

Polarize +5% (Dungeon)

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika : Aurora Necklace

Accessory (Necklace):
Physical Attack +40
Magical Attack +40

Physical Attack +1%
Magical Attack +1%
MP Cost -5%

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika : Monarch Cloak

Accessory (Top Piece):
Physical Attack +30
Magical Attack +30
Physical Defense +10
Magical Defense +10

Maximize 3%

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika : Galaxy Crown

Face Accessory (Top)
Physical Attack +40
Magical Attack +40

Critical 3%

[[File:|center]] Aurora Mustika : Mystical Star Cluster

Face Accessory (Bottom):
Physical Attack +40
Magical Attack +40

Action Speed 4%

Set Effects[edit]

Type [Aurora Mustika] [Aurora Mustika]
2 Piece Effect

Critical 5%
Maximize 5%

Critical 4%
Physical Attack +3%
Magical Attack +3%

3 Piece Effect N/A All Skill Damage 8%
4 Piece Effect Polarize +5% (Dungeon) Upon awakening, Aurora Wings are spread. Increase Action Speed by 15% for 30 seconds. (Cooldown: 60 seconds)
5 Piece Effect

Physical Attack +3%
Magical Attack +3%
All Skill Damage 2%


Related Items[edit]

Image Item Name Description
IB - Aurora Mystica.png Ice Burner (Aurora Mustika) An Ice Burner with a chance to obtain costumes and accessories from the Aurora Mustika set.
IB Key - Aurora Mystica.png Ice Sculpture Key (Aurora Mustika) An item that can be exchanged for Ice Burner (Aurora Mustika) at Ariel. (Chinese server only)
Item - Twinkle Bead Ornament.png Twinkle Bead Ornament A material item obtained after using an Ice Burner (Aurora Mustika) during its season. This is required to craft the Aurora Mustika : Mystical Star Cluster accessory.
IB Trial Cube - Aurora Mystica.png Aurora Mustika Trial Cube A cube that contains all Aurora Mustika Costume valid for 𝑥 days. Acquire the item for your active character. Lu/Ciel's Costume will depend on the active character.


Set Appearance[edit]

AMEls2.png AMAi2.png AMRe2.png AMRav2.png AMEve2.png
Elsword Aisha Rena Raven Eve
AMCh2.png AMAra2.png AMElly2.png AMAdd2.png AMLu2.png
Chung Ara Elesis Add Lu
AMCiel2.png AMRose2.png AMAin2.png AMLaby2.png AMNoah2.png
Ciel Rose Ain Laby Noah


Alternative Names[edit]

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 오로라 뮈스티카 Aurora Mustika
Japanese Flag.png Japan オーロラミュスティカ Aurora Mustika
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 神秘极光 Mysterious Aurora
German Flag.png Germany Aurora Mystika

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