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Korean Flag.png Korean Server Flag-us.png North American Server
  • 11/23/2016 - 12/06/2016
  • 06/07/2017 - 07/04/2017 (Ain only)
  • 03/27/2019 - 04/24/2019 (Laby only)


Evil Tracer
Character South Korea Japan Taiwan China North America International Europe Thailand
Elsword Yes
Aisha Yes
Rena Yes
Raven Yes
Eve Yes
Chung Yes
Ara Yes
Elesis Yes
Add Yes
Lu Yes
Ciel Yes
Rose Yes
Ain Yes
Laby Yes

Set List

Image Name Stats
[Evil Resistant Suit Set]
Evil Tracer Hair Costume Hair:

Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

Awakening Charge Speed +5%
All Elemental Resistance +5

Evil Tracer Top Piece Costume Top:

Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

HP Increase +6%
All Elemental Resistance +5

Evil Tracer Bottom Piece Costume Bottom:

Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

HP Increase +6%
All Elemental Resistance +5

Evil Tracer Gloves Costume Gloves:

Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

MP Gain when attacking +2%
All Elemental Resistance +5

Evil Tracer Shoes Costume Shoes:

Physical Defense +5
Magical Defense +5

Movement Speed +4%
Jump Speed +4%
All Elemental Resistance +5

[Evil Restrainer]
Evil Tracer Weapon Costume Weapon:

Physical Attack +50
Magical Attack +50

Critical +2%
Wind Resistance +50
All Elemental Resistance +10

Evil Tracer Mask Face Accessory (Middle):

Physical Attack +10
Magical Attack +10

Critical +2%
Awakening Charge Speed +4% (Dungeon)

Evil Tracer Wing Accessory (Top Piece):

Physical Attack +25
Magical Attack +25
Physical Defense +20
Magical Defense +20

Attack Speed +3%
MP Gain when attacking +2%

Evil Dominator Accessory (Arm):

Physical Attack +25
Magical Attack +25
Physical Defense +15
Magical Defense +15

Attack Speed +2%
Awakening Charge Speed +2%

Set Effects

Type [Evil Resistant Suit Set] [Evil Restrainer]
2 Piece Effect
  • MP Gain when attacking +4%
  • Awakening Duration +15%
3 Piece Effect
  • HP +10%
  • All Elemental Resistance +40
  • Maximize +5%
4 Piece Effect
  • Physical Attack +300
  • Magical Attack +300
  • Physical Defense +100
  • Magical Defense +100
  • Additional Damage +5%
  • Critical +5%
5 Piece Effect
  • All Elemental Resistance +40
  • Additional Damage +5%

Related Items

Image Item Name Description
ETIB.png Ice Burner (Evil Tracer) An Ice Burner with a chance to obtain costumes and accessories from the Evil Tracer set.
ETAinIB.png Ice Burner (Evil Tracer, Ain) An Ice Burner with a chance to obtain costumes and accessories from the Evil Tracer set for Ain.
ETLabyIB.png Ice Burner (Evil Tracer, Laby) An Ice Burner with a chance to obtain costumes and accessories from the Evil Tracer set for Laby.


ETEls2.png ETAi2.png ETRe2.png ETRav2.png ETEve2.png
Elsword Aisha Rena Raven Eve
ETCh2.png ETAra2.png ETElly2.png ETAdd2.png ETLu2.png
Chung Ara Elesis Add Lu
ETCiel2.png ETRose2.png ETAin2.png ETLaby2.png IBUnknown.png
Ciel Rose Ain Laby


  • With the exception of Laby, all costumes from this set are based on enemies found in the Feita and Velder regions.
  • Out of the Evil Tracer series, this is the only one where both Lu and Ciel are based on the same boss, both being based on Durahan Knight.
  • Unlike other characters, Ain's Evil Tracer costume is based on a miniboss rather than a main boss, being based on Wise Dutor.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 이블 트레이서 Evil Tracer
Japanese Flag.png Japan イビルトレーサー Evil Tracer
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 邪魔猎人 Demon Hunter
German Flag.png Germany Monsterjäger Monster Hunter
Spanish Flag.png Spain Cazamonstruos Monster Hunter
French Flag.png France Chasseur de monstres Monster Hunter
Italian Flag.png Italy Cacciatore di mostri Monster Hunter
Polish Flag.png Poland Łowca Potworów Monster Hunter
English Flag.png United Kingdom Monster Hunter

Server Name Translation
Flag-us.png North America Evil Tracer - Berthe
French Flag.png France [Chasseur de monstres] Berrut [Monster Hunter] Berthe

Ice Burners

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