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[Active] Dodge enemy's attack, the project and levitate [Dritt · Stilett], the God's weapon, and throw it toward the enemy last hit.
Projection Skill
  • Skill uses projected weapon created from the borrowed power of god
Dritt · Stilett
  • Press [Skill Key] again to throw at the last hit target (Cooldown after throw: 0.5 seconds)
  • Lock-on to the enemy hit dismissed in 2 seconds
  • Duration : 10 seconds
Final Enhanced Skill
  • MP Usage is decreased by 20%.


Class Level Required
God's Agent 15

Skill Information


Level Required Throw (Physical) Dritt · Stilett Lock-on
MP Usage Cooldown
Amount Cooldown Duration
15 433% 3 0.5 Second 10 Seconds 2 Seconds 50 MP 30 Seconds
[Enhanced] 40 MP


Level Required Throw (Physical) Cooldown
15 155% 180 Seconds
  • Cooldown is fixed and cannot be reduced.

Skill Traits

Light Dritt · Stilett Regenerating (1) Dritt · Stilett
Level Required Attribute Effect MP Usage Level Required Attribute Effect MP Recovery
20 MP Usage decreased to 80% 40 MP 20 50% chance of regaining 100% of the MP Usage 50 MP
[Enhanced] 32 MP [Enhanced] 40 MP

Total Damage

Mode Regular
PvE 1,299%
PvP 465%

Related Skills


LEP1.png Continuous Projection
AmTP1.png Reinforced Projection

Tips and Details

  • This is currently one of only two evasive skills that are able to deal damage, the other being Backstep.
    • Despite being able to deal damage, the daggers do not inflict hitstun.
  • As you are entirely unable to choose where to teleport to, and there is no additional action that occurs after dodging, this evasion skill is very easy to chase by an opponent. Erst · Bohren can help in escaping or counter attacking however.


  • This skill's name is German for Third · Dagger.
  • In Europe, Tertius Dolon is Latin for Third Dagger.

Old Version

  • In the past, Dritt · Stilett was not an evasive skill. Instead, the projection weapons could be summoned on command and each hit would do hitstun.


Date Changes
12/15/2016 12/21/2016
  • Dritt · Stilett added.
01/12/2017 -
  • Fixed issue where is not affected by Transcendent skillslot.
02/23/2017 3/15/2017
  • Damage decreased.
04/27/2017 -
  • Damage increased.
  • None
04/05/2018 04/18/2018
  • Projection · Construction damage increased.
  • Throw damage decreased.
06/14/2018 06/27/2018
  • Throw damage increased.
07/04/2019 07/31/2019
  • Skill feature changed.
  • Level Requirement changed from Level 10 to Level 15.

Alternative Names

Server Name Translation
Korean Flag.png South Korea 드릿트 · 슈틸레트 Dritt · Stilett
Chinese Flag.png China (Simplified Chinese) 第三秘术 · 短剑 Third Secret Art · Dagger
German Flag.png Germany Tertius Dolon
Spanish Flag.png Spain Tertius Dolon
French Flag.png France Tertius Dolon
Italian Flag.png Italy Tertius Dolon
Polish Flag.png Poland Tertius Dolon
English Flag.png United Kingdom Tertius Dolon
Bresil Flag.png Brazil Terceira Adaga Third Dagger

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